How to Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost

In this article, you will learn how to easily create a WordPress blog with Bluehost. Blogging can be a very lucrative endeavor. It enabled me to leave my full time job in 2011 and make a full time income doing what I love!

BlueHost web hosting for WordPress Blogs best deal

How would your life change if you would start a writing a blog and earning money from it? You can start now for a low monthly cost. Believe me, it’s so worth it!

I just cringe when I think about what life would be like now if I decided not to start a WordPress blog!

Get started now with a WordPress blog on Bluehost. You can refer back to these simple instructions as you go through the setup process.

Bluehost is a top web hosting company that is highly recommended by They offer a 1-click WordPress Installation so you can setup your blog and start building your website!

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee too.

Free domain with Bluehost web hostingWhen you register through my link, you also get a free domain name (if you don’t already have one ) if you purchase the 12 month or more plan.

It is the best deal!

The hosting plans start at $3.95 per month when you purchase 36 months. It’s very affordable and an investment in your blogging business. If you eventually start making thousands of dollars a month, will that $3.95 be worth it to you?

Instead of thinking about the money you are spending, think about the money you will make back when you start a WordPress blog with Bluehost and get going with your blogging business! I made my money back over and over and over! You can too!

Be sure to read my blog post, 7 Ways to a Successful Blog in your First year.

Why Shouldn’t I use a Free Blogging Website?

You may be wondering why I am not recommending that you start your blog on a free blogging platform like or Blogger.

I could go on with comparisons but here is the bottom line. When you start a blog for free;

  • You don’t actually own your content.
  • You cannot monetize or you are restricted as to how you can monetize.
  • The free blogging platform can remove your content, force you to remove money making links, or remove your website altogether.

If you are serious about making money with a blog, then get a self-hosted WordPress blog. Here’s the deal:

  • You own the content.
  • You monetize it in the way that you want to.
  • It is your business asset.
  • You control what your content and links.

When you start trying to get approved by affiliate merchants or want to get sponsored ads on your blog, many advertisers do not look at the free platforms as being serious or professional.

Get your self-hosted WordPress blog on Bluehost and start off the right way!

Continue below to see how to start a blog on WordPress when you sign up with

Get Started with Bluehost and start your blog now!

Get Started Now with your Bluehost WordPress Blog

Let’s start getting you setup with your own WordPress blog on Bluehost!

1 – Choose a domain name

Before you get your self-hosting WordPress blog, choose a domain name. You can get one for FREE when you purchase a full year of web hosting at Bluehost – that’s a great deal! Take advantage.

Here’s your options:

  • Choose a new domain name during the Bluehost registration.
  • Use an existing domain name at Bluehost.
  • Set up your webhosting and choose a domain name later.

Give some good thought to a domain name because this is how people on the Internet will get to know you and your online brand.

When you are ready, from the Bluehost home page, click Get Started Now!

Choose a web hosting plan at Bluehost

2 – Choose Your Bluehost Web Hosting Plan

After you click Get Started Now, you will see the three web hosting plans you can choose from.
Best WordPress hosting plans with Bluehost
Since you are setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost for yourself, this will be simple.

  1. Click the Basic plan.
  2. The Domain Name page will display. You can do one of the following:
    • Get your FREE domain name.
    • Enter an existing domain name.

Fill out the information and click Next.

Let’s review the cost and which plan is best for you on the Create Account page.

First fill out the account information, which includes your name, address and payment information.

Choose your bluehost webhosting package

As I mentioned previously, the least expensive cost is if you purchase 36 months upfront. It comes out to $3.95 per month which is a great deal for you! Remember this is a business expense!

If you purchase the 12-month Bluehost plan, it is still a great deal! I highly recommend the Basic plan. As a new blogger, that’s all you need.

For the 12-month plan it comes out to $5.95 per month which is still very affordable. Plus, remember, you are getting a domain name for FREE!

The other important thing you need to check is the Domain Privacy Protection. You definitely want to protect your contact information or it will be public on the Internet and you’ll start receiving lots of sales letters and calls! Uncheck the remaining boxes.

3 – Install your WordPress Blog using Bluehost Web hosting

After you create your account and choose your Bluehost web hosting plan, you are ready to install WordPress! Don’t worry, it’s simple.

You will receive a welcome email from Bluehost with a link to log into your cPanel.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  3. Click the Install button.
  4. Choose the domain name to install it to.
  5. In the field next to the domain, you can enter a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog. I recommend leaving it blank
  6. If necessary, you can edit the email address, username and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and you can change those settings.
  7. Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes.
  8. Select the Install Now button.
Bluehost wordpress install

That’s it! Now it’s time for the fun part of choosing your favorite WordPress theme and start blogging!


Congratulations! Be sure to leave a comment to let me know where to find your Bluehost WordPress blog!

Click here to Start your WordPress Blog with Bluehost!


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