Why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business

Is network marketing the right business for you? These 5 reasons will help you decide whether it’s good fit for your life.

Network marketing is the perfect business for you

I used to think negatively about network marketing until I finally got serious and started my business. I started making money and haven’t stopped. Now I’m a believer in the business model.

The network marketing business model is solid and it works. But only if you do the work required!

Seriously, my MLM business is the most fun work I’ve ever done. No complaints here. Read on to learn why it just may be the perfect business for you.

What Others Say about Network Marketing

No, I’m not talking about your friends and family. What do other successful business experts have to say about the network marketing business model?

According to Fortune magazine, they call it “the best kept secret in the business world.” With over 91 percent growth over the last 10 years, the network marketing industry boasts annual sales of over $30 billion in the United States and $100 billion globally. Those are numbers to take seriously!

We all know who Warren Buffet is, right? He’s a self-made billionaire and very smart business man. Warren Buffet owns more than one network marketing company and proudly says it’s the best investment he ever made.

Robert Kiyosaki has stated, “If I had to do it all over again, I would have started building a network marketing business. The network marketing industry continues to grow faster than franchises or traditional big businesses.” You should pick up his book, “Business of the 21st Century.

Those are just a few business expert who have nothing but positive things to say about the one industry that produces more millionaires than any other.

Why the Interest in Network Marketing?

Years ago, it was mainly stay at home housewives that got involved in network marketing. You remember the good ole days of Tupperware parties, don’t you?

These days the interest in network marketing is twofold:

  • People are looking for products to solve a multitude of problems from aging skin to feeling younger and more energized.
  • People are looking for financial freedom in their lives and more security for their future.

With the expansive reach of the Internet, network marketers no longer have to hold home parties or invite people to local events, they can run the business from the comfort of their home!

Reasons Why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business for You

There are so many reasons why starting your network marketing business could be a great fit for you. I’ve zeroed in on the top 5 that I feel will help you see the benefits to your life.

As you read this list, think about how your life can change and where you want to be in the next 5 years. Is what you are doing now going to get you there? If the answer is “No”, consider that network marketing may be the answer you are looking for.

1 – Start Your Network Marketing Business Now

If you wanted to be a lawyer, you’d have to plan ahead several years before you can actually become one! Not so with network marketing.

You can start your business today, tomorrow or at any time that you make a decision that network marketing is the right business for you.

You don’t need advanced schooling or anything like that. Just get started and learn a few simple steps as you go along.

2 – Low Start-up and Overhead Costs

If you wanted to start a MacDonald’s restaurant, you’d be looking at a cool 2 million or so get it going. The low-start-up cost is another reason why network marketing is the perfect business for you.

Depending on how you decide to enroll (yes, you have options), it could cost anywhere from $39.99 up to $2500 or so.

Not much for the opportunity to build a million dollar business, eh?

Your monthly cost will vary depending on your choice of autoship products but you can estimate in the $100 range.

I know what you’re thinking: “$100 a month?” Listen, if you are serious about your business, you’ll make that money back and more within your first month! It’s an investment and it can pay off.

3 – Network Marketing Training is Provided

An integral part of your success in network marketing is learning the skills that will build your confidence and grow your business. To help you in this process, most every company simplifies the learning approach for you with training at every level.

No reinventing the wheel! People have already succeeded using a system that works. If it works for them, it can work for you. That’s called duplication.

4 – Earn Residual Income in Network Marketing

Most people think that having a “secure” 9 to 5 job is the way to go. When you trade your time for money, that is you work a certain number of hours in return for a specific amount of money, you are limited in how much you can earn.

And, if your employer decides to freeze salary raises for year or two, you’ll get behind the cost of living in no time.

I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune.

As Jim Rohn was famous for saying:

I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune. But it won’t be long before I’m working full-time on my fortune. Can you imagine what my life will look like?”

No so with a network marketing business. In this business, you build a recurring, residual income that grows month over month depending on the amount of work you put into it.

Most people can start their business part-time and end up with a full-time income because residual income continues to grow well after the initial effort is over.

5 – Network Marketing is Simple to Promote Online

Forget home parties and hotel events. By setting up a few important things, you can market your business online.

A few years ago, I set up an online system for my network marketing business that resulted in over 11,000 customers and several thousands of leads.

Sure, it took some learning and work, it still does. But do you think it was worth it?

Of course. I love what I do, have helped hundreds of people love what they do, and live life on my terms.

How about you?


These are my top 5 reasons why network marketing is the perfect business. Anyone can start their business, maybe even you!

Think about it. But don’t think on it too long.

To learn more about what it takes to build a 6-figure MLM business, click here for your free training.

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    You have nicely explained the benefits of opting network marketing as a business and make income with it.

    I have been blogging since 2014 and thus, I agree with your viewpoints.

    Like 9-5 job, network & online marketing has the earning potential with which we could develop our skills as well.

    It is important to choose the perfect niche and yes, investment is low here.

    I accept that we could promote our business virally through social media and communities.

    Thanks for crafting such a precise post that neatly explains the benefits of choosing network marketing business.
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