What is Network Marketing?

What is network marketing?Seriously, what is network marketing?

Well-known, successful business owners like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have touted network marketing as a proven business model to create wealth, while helping others do the same.

You might ask your neighbor or friend the same question, “What is network marketing?’ and they might tell you it is a business model that doesn’t work for anyone.

Who should you believe? Well, usually if someone believes something does not work, it likely did not work for them for a number of reasons.

So, what is network marketing? Each person has their own idea of the MLM profession. I can tell you it’s a legitimate business model that produces more millionaires than any other profession.

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What is Network Marketing and Why Start a Business?

Regardless of what you think now, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about what is network marketing, really. People can tell you one thing or another, but it’s usually based on their own experience.

According to What Is Network Marketing Wikipedia, MLM is “…a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.”

That is the simple answer to “what is network marketing?” This business model cuts out the middleman in the sales equation. Instead, people like you and me are direct sellers of the products and market through word of mouth and connecting with other people. We also recruit others into our business to build a team of successful professionals who all duplicate a simple system.

Simple business model!

What I personally love about the network marketing business model is it’s a level playing field. This means that anyone in the organization can have success. Even greater success than the person who brought you into the business! You can’t do that at a traditional job!

When someone asks you, “what is network marketing,” what will you tell them?

It’s a business model for anyone to succeed and thrive, both personally and financially. Network marketing is the only business model I know of where you get to help yourself while helping others achieve their dreams too.

So what is network marketing to you? Leave a comment or contact me.

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