Using Pinterest for Business

One way to increase website traffic is using Pinterest for business. It’s the latest driver of big traffic and it continues to grow.

So why use Pinterest for business? Because of how much traffic it can drive to your website. More than the combination of Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube!  It’s easy once you understand a few basic tips you can use for Pinterest for business marketing which I will share with you here. And remember, with this platform, you are dealing with visuals so keep them interesting!

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

Avoiding using the Pinterest for business social media platform is like taking money out of your pocket. Why? When you do business online, you have one main goal. That is, drive as much traffic to your website as possible, get them to opt-in to you list and convert them to customers or sponsor them.

Using Pinterest for Business the Right Way

Like other social networks out there such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, you want to be attractive to others so they keep coming back. Don’t be one of those spammy online people.

I love this social network. It’s so much fun to visually share information by posting images and videos, as well as repining (reposting) others. This is truly a network about sharing.

Now, you want to dominate the search engines, don’t you? I already mentioned getting as much traffic as possible to your website. Here you go.

Also, you’ll have backlinks to a highly rated website. That is one step to domination in the search engine.

Once you start getting followers, that is when the real viral content sharing starts! If you want to be serious about using Pinterest for business, you’ll have to put some time into doing a few simple things. You can also hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you will reap the benefits!

Pinterest for Business – 5 simple tips for turning your pinning into cash

  • Pinterest for Business Pages. Recently announced, you can now create a business page! This is great news and a way to boost your brand online. Head over to and get all the details of how to create your Pinterest business page. This is your chance to show what your business is about is with interesting and rich visuals. You can easily learn how to sell on Pinterest too, just check out the gift section!

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  • SEO Optimization. To use Pinterest for business correctly, be sure to optimize your pins for your keywords. When you add your pin description, keep it short and to the point, but include those keywords for which you want to focus. You can also use hashtags, just like you do for Twitter. Another great feature is you can add the price of an item that you are selling. This automatically shows a banner on the upper left corner of your pin image. In addition, your pin will automatically show in the Gift section.
  • Follow and be Followed. Yes, you need followers when using Pinterest for business. There are a couple of ways to do this that I like to use. When someone repins or likes your pin, you will get a notification about it. Go ahead and follow that person. Find your friends and start following them too. If you are just getting started, head over to and pay someone $5 to get you 100 or 1000 followers. You can also pay someone to repin or like your pins. Easy!
  • Pin your own Website Blog Posts. Imagine if 1000 or more people repin your blog post? Can you say viral? Wouldn’t it be great if your Pinterest for business pins where spread all over the Internet? Be sure to include interesting and catchy images in your blog post because those are the images that are displayed.
  • Create Topic Related Boards. On your Pinterest for business page, you will be collecting pins within Boards. Make the board names clear and interesting. If you make abstract names, no one will know what you mean. The search engines pick up the board names too so think SEO!

Your online marketing can benefit from using Pinterest for business! Click here for more training specifically aimed at online marketers!

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