Using MLM Events for Recruiting

MLM Events

MLM Events

Most network marketing companies have live meetings where you can invite prospects to a business opportunity overview.

When you get in the habit of inviting prospects to MLM events, you’ll have a greater chance of success in recruiting that person to your business. Why is that?

When your leads attend “MLM events”, they get to experience the culture of your business community, understand the compensation plan, and see that support is provided to every person. It’s positive when your prospects can see your business opportunity goes beyond just you and a welcome community can help.

So many people in home businesses miss out on this powerful tool, don’t be one of them.

Tips for Inviting Prospects to MLM Events

Before I get into tips on inviting your leads to live MLM events, let’s define what that means. It can be a conference call, an in-person meeting at a hotel, an in-person home opportunity party, live webinar online or something like that!

Regardless of which one of these meetings you invite them to, your prospect will catch the culture and enthusiasm of your network marketing company.

There are many ways to promote live events. Before I even get into that, keep this important tip in mind.

Always keep your invitation methods simple. Remember, in network marketing, you need to keep everything you do duplicable. Everything you do has to work for every person on your team. Also, when you invite someone to MLM events, you want them to see that it’s easy and they can do this too!

Here are 4 ways to invite prospects that I personally like to use:

  • MeetUp, EventBrite, Socializr: When you join these social website, you can find and meet people with similar interests. They are great ways to send invitations and let people know what it’s about. Another key point about MeetUp is you can attend various networking meetings and have a chance to give a brief overview of who you are and what you do. I do this on a regular basis and always get people to my MLM events.
  • Network marketing eventsEmail your list of leads: By now you should have a growing list of leads. If you don’t, click here to learn how to get started. You can use your email list to promote online events. Be sure to include a subject that will catch the attention of your prospect so they are intrigued enough to open the email. Also include clear information such as a webinar link to register or phone number for a conference call.
  • Facebook groups or Pages: Facebook is a great way to invite leads. You can send a message to everyone in your Facebook group (if you have one) or post something on your business Facebook page.
  • Create Facebook event: You can invite people with the Facebook event feature. This is not my favorite method as I find that some people routinely ignore Facebook events or simply don’t see them. But you can still use it because it has an awesome reminder feature!

These are just a few tips on how to invite your prospects to MLM events. And be sure that you attend too so you can learn and grow in your business opportunity.

Getting people to MLM events is just one way to grow your business. To learn about more ways to succeed in network marketing, click here.

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