Twitter Marketing Strategies

Are you still using outdated Twitter marketing strategies and lacking real results? Today I have some Twitter marketing ideas that go beyond hashtags and talking to your followers.

Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies

Learning how to use Twitter as a marketing tool for any business is a smart strategy. Whether you need more followers on Twitter or want to get the word out about a product, marketing using Twitter can be a powerful way to get it done.

Today I have 3 strategies for successful twitter marketing.

Twitter Marketing Strategies that Work

When you are marketing using Twitter, you are probably thinking: 140 characters? What now?

It may not seem like an effective marketing strategy at first. But Twitter is a powerful platform that you can get skilled at using.

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Here are your 3 tips for marketing via Twitter:

Twitter Business Marketing TacticsFind Crowd Influencers:

Leveraging the power of influencers can go a long way on Twitter. Imagine a world where your content from YouTube, Blogging and Facebook are promoted on Twitter by other people. When influencers start engaging with your content and talking about it, that is one of the most success Twitter marketing strategies!

Start following the influencers, retweet them and mention them in your tweets.

Always make sure you are posting value driven content and not spamming anyone!

Who is Your Competition?

Find your competitors on Twitter and follow them! That’s right! You definitely want to learn more about what competitors are doing and how they are marketing via Twitter.

You can also add more Twitter followers by following the followers of your competitors! Some will follow you back!

Combine Twitter with Content Marketing

Have you created some great content that would be valuable to your Twitter followers? Share it!

Compose a brief post within the 140 character limit that makes a lasting impression on those followers who see. Include links to your blog post, YouTube video or capture page.

Most important, give your audience a good reason to click any link.

Twitter for business marketing is an effective marketing strategy that you can succeed with over time. What are some of the tactics that you employ for marketing via Twitter? Do share!

Keeping up with sending those short but impressive tweets is one of the most important Twitter marketing strategies you can use and is time consuming, I know.

Check out this Twitter social media marketing tool to help you manage your marketing efforts and boost your social media productivity.

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  1. Great tips. I love the one about following the followers of my competition and I plan to act on that immediately. Question… What is the criteria for deciding who is an ‘influencer’?
    Trudy Beerman recently posted…Living on LESS While Building to Have MORE.My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hi Trudy!
      Thanks for your comment! An influencer is a person who has a large following on Twitter and is well-connected. This person is typically a leader that others look to for advice and knowledge.
      They also share lots of other people’s content. Hope that helps!

  2. Ron Deering says:

    Wow what a great post on using twitter properly … you always give out such great value and training … thanks for sharing Lisa.
    Ron Deering recently posted…How to Prospect Locally On Social MediaMy Profile

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Awesome post! You have listed some great ways to utilize Twitter in your marketing :) Thanks so much for sharing these little gold nuggets of info!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…Are You Selling Yourself Short On Social Media?My Profile

  4. Umapathy says:

    Well explained twitter marketing strategies. Thanks for sharing. I will tr to implement these methods right away.
    Umapathy recently posted…Free Gocodes link cloaker AlternativesMy Profile

  5. Great twitter marketing strategies Lisa! Always gotta share value driven content! Thank you!
    Jelena Ostrovska recently posted…4 Types Of Action Everybody Goes Through In Their CareerMy Profile

  6. Hey Lisa,

    I basically use the same strategis you mentioned here. It’s a process but day by day you gain much followers, more shares and more traffic. I never would’ve have thought years ago that I would get this much vslue out of twitter, but now I’m reaping the benefits.

    Thanks for sharing the tips Lisa ! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How You Can Easily Create SEO Friendly Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Sherman!
      You are so right. It takes time and patience but then you can really reap the rewards. So glad that you are having success!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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