Are You Treating Your Business Like a Business?

Treat your business like a businessYou started a home business but you are struggling, right? Here’s my question to you: Are you treating your business like a business?


To succeed with any home business, you need to get serious about it! Certainly there are many things I can share with you about how to run your home business and all the income producing activities you need to do.

But today, I am going to tell you the most simple, easy and straightforward thing you need to do to start treating your business like a business.

I am sharing this today because I’ve seen it happen so much lately. Not only from members of my team, but other home business owners that I’ve met along the way.

Before I get into the obvious about how to treat your business like a business, let’s agree that you are serious about yours. If not, no need to read further.

The Basics of Treating Your Business like a Business

So I am aghast when people who swear they want to succeed with their home business, know nothing about their own business.

Here is what I mean. And this really happens. If this is you, make a change.

  • You have no idea that your distributor rank went down.
  • You don’t know that distributors under you cancelled their accounts.
  • You are not aware of distributors on your team going inactive.

These three things are so easy to fix! The simple way to treat your business like a business is you need to be in your online office every day so you know what is happening in your own business!

  • Who is in your downline?
  • Are your distributors active?
  • Where are your distributors placed? If they went inactive, will that demote your rank? If so, what are you doing about it?
  • Who cancelled on your team and how does that affect your rank and / or team bonuses?

Know your own business! If your sponsor has to tell you that your rank went down and you had no idea, then you are not at all serious about your business.

Get serious. Be a successful entrepreneur. Be in your online distributor office everyday to see what is happening with your downline, customers and company news.

Check out this Success Blueprint for even more details on how to succeed with your home business.

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  1. Louie Sison says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your reminder. I agree to what you mention: “To succeed with any home business, you need to get serious about it! ”

    There’s no place for mediocrity in entrepreneurship.
    Louie Sison recently posted…How Much Money Can I Make If I Put In Amazon Affiliate Program On My Blog?My Profile

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