The Secret to Get Free MLM Leads

The Secret to Get Free MLM Leads

The Secret to Get Free MLM Leads

If you get free MLM leads, how would your business change? For the better of course! Without leads and people to talk to, you don’t have a business.

One of the biggest challenges is finding prospects to talk to. Although there are many ways to “get free MLM leads”, in this article I will focus on one that I personally use. Why do I continue to do? Because it works!

I know you are probably thinking, “here is yet another method that I have to learn about!” I promise you that this is simple and can reach more people than you can with your phone.

Start Blogging to Get Free MLM Leads

Blogging is a key way to generate quality leads for your network marketing business. Don’t believe me?

Believe this. I am still making money from blog articles I wrote back in 2009! Just think, I took about 30 minutes to write it one day in July of 2009 and I still generate income from it. I love that passive income!

Do I have your attention? Good. Here are 2 reasons why you should use blogging to get free MLM leads and more!

Get Free MLM LeadsYour blog is an asset. Think of your blog as an asset that continues to grow as you write more articles. Once you write and publish a post, it stays there forever. It belongs to you.

Just like in my own experience, articles I wrote in 2009 are still getting traffic. People are still buying products via the links I created. They never go away.

Let me ask you a question. If you send an email out to your list, do you think someone will find an email you sent to them over 3 years ago? But an Internet website article can get traffic forever!

Get targeted leads. The problem with many network marketers is they talk to everyone and anyone about their products and opportunity. Now if I was a dog food salesman, would I talk to my friend who owns 3 cats? NO! So why waste your time going after people who have no interest in your what you have to offer.

On the other hand, people are searching on the Internet all day for particular products or business opportunities. They will find YOUR website, opt-in to YOUR email list and now you have a targeted lead.

In my first primary business, I sponsored 98% of my team via my website. These are people that found me. They contacted me. I didn’t have to chase anyone down. Don’t you love how that works?

Stop chasing and talking to unqualified prospects. It’s a waste of time and energy.

The secret to get free MLM leads who actually want what you have to offer is to start blogging now! Create an asset out on the Internet and be rewarded with profit producing people that will be attracted to you.

Learn how to get Free MLM leads with this proven posting on purpose for profit system.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Boy, isn’t that the truth! My blog has been one of my biggest assets for generating leads. I love the dog food analogy, its right on. Believe it or not, I consider Twitter to be my best way for generating leads. Having a blog and some valuable content to direct people to via Twitter is how I capture over 60% of my leads.

    Great site you have here, it’s my first visit. I look forward to sharing and returning often. Thanks again Lisa,
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted…Why You Should Work Harder on Personal Development Skills Than You Work At Your Job!My Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Richard!

      Thanks so much! You have another great way of generating leads via Twitter. I can’t wait to read your ebook about it. So glad we had a chance to talk today and share information.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. John Green says:

    Great Article Lisa. I just recently began blogging again and feel it is a great way to tell my friends, family, and customers about my services in a friendly, non-formal way. Thanks for the Article.

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