Can you Create the Entrepreneur Mindset for Success?

Shifting into the entrepreneur mindset is easier said than done. There are many characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that you can work on developing for yourself.

create the Entrepreneur Mindset for SuccessThe Entrepreneur mindset does not come naturally to most people. This is especially true if you have been an employee most of your working life.

Although it takes hard work, you can develop the mindset of entrepreneur types to succeed at just about anything you want.

Making the Shift to the Entrepreneur Mindset

Whether you have your own business or are just getting started with one, developing the entrepreneur mindset should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Even if you get all the how-to stuff right, developing a mindset for success needs to be part of your daily habits.

Here are three tips to get you started:

Personal development

Every entrepreneur possesses self-motivation and determination. There is no boss to give you a list of tasks every day!

What if you are not self-motivated or you get put off by the first person who tells you NO.

That’s where personal development comes in. Everyone talks about skills to do this or that but what about developing a success mindset? Most people are not wired that way bythe time we are adults. The good news is that being an entrepreneur is the perfect opportunity for personal growth and development.

Here are 3 of my favorite books and/or videos to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – Based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default.

Rise of the Entrepreneur by Eric Worre – This documentary gathers today’s best experts and thought leaders to forever change how you view work and wealth.

How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell – Gather successful people from all walks of life-what would they have in common? The way they think!

Keep Learning

Acquiring a broad set of skills is an important aspect of making the shift to the entrepreneurial mindset. As employees, you are usually expert at one thing. Entrepreneurs on the other hand, need more than one skill to incorporate into their business.

With technology and marketing strategies changing so quickly, staying on top of skills and ideas can make a big difference in the success of your business.

Be an Action Taker

If you learn as much as you can but never put it into action, you won’t get too far. Stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming an action taker is an important characteristic of the entrepreneur mindset.

Working for yourself can be the scariest and most fulfilling thing you ever do!

Developing the entrepreneur mindset is the key to success.

Without it, getting your business launched and in profit may prove difficult.

Creating a successful business is not so much about the product or how-to, it’s about your perspective day in a day out as well as your attitude. Creating a success mindset is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success.

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get things done? Check this out to learn some productivity secrets that can help.

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  1. Thanks Lisa for this article. You know, I need to start reading more from John Maxwell. I’m on a Zig Ziglar kick these days. I’d also add anything written by Seth Godin!

    • Lisa J says:

      You are welcome my friend! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve really enjoyed reading John Maxwell. I have a few of his books. Great stuff.
      Which Seth book is your fav?

  2. Maria Rybka says:

    Having the proper mindset is what I was missing for years. I am working on it daily!

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Maria! It takes work, doesn’t it? It is like anything else we want to develop. I love keeping my personal development audio in the car…great time to learn especially in traffic :)

  3. Ron Deering says:

    Without personal growth we are still babes in all we do… you always share such great value Lisa… All three of those authors are great… John Maxwell has been one of my mentors for years…. thanks again for sharing this
    Ron Deering recently posted…Are You Dealing With Issues of Self Worth?My Profile

  4. Lynda Kenny says:

    Great post Lisa. Changing from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur one is so important and needs to be worked on.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…Is Ageing Affecting Your Self Worth?My Profile

  5. First off Lisa I have to say I absolutely LOVE the photo on this page, if that dog doesn’t have the mindset of an entrepreneur I don’t know who does!! Starting off with personal development is so key because if you don’t work on yourself there’s no way you can succeed with any of the awesome tips you posted today!! Great share today Lisa!
    Lynette Bledsoe recently posted…Are You Having a Hard Time Getting Your Team to Duplicate You?My Profile

  6. Thanks Lisa for these awesome tips! 100% agree with you, that without motivation or action, nothing will change unless you do, and that means developing the entrepreneur mindset so you can ensure you have success :) Without the right mindset, nothing works.
    Joan Harrington recently posted…How to Get People Hooked on Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Lisa, This is my first time visiting your blog and I have to say, I Know I will be Back. This content is right up my ally. Thank you Much!

  8. There’s a HUGE difference between an employee mindset and entrepreneur mindset. Personal development is so key. Thank you for sharing that Lisa!
    Jelena Ostrovska recently posted…Do You Need to Create Your Own Products?My Profile

  9. Prosper Show says:

    Everyone has the ability to achieve the entrepreneur mindset. They key is to know what you have to do, know your responsibilities, and know the ways on how to do it. You’re blog is very inspiring. Looking forward for more great post here, Lisa.
    Prosper Show recently posted…Third Party Marketplace News – Marketplace drives Amazon, Etsy leaves ads and Alibaba is spendingMy Profile

  10. Deynne says:

    I’m planning to start a small business, but I’m a little bit nervous and scared for what will be the outcome of it. As of what you have stated, it makes me realize that developing proper mindset before starting the business should be the first thing to do. Making and setting things right first and I’m ready to go.
    Deynne recently posted…Why Business Startups Should Spend on SEO?My Profile

  11. Damon Burton says:

    To be successful, It is important to exert extra effort and time. Creating a success mindset is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success and everyone should have that for you to be successful.

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