How to Take Action in Network Marketing

How to take action in network marketing

How to take action in network marketing

Lately I noticed that many network marketers do not know how to take action.People say they are going to do something but then never follow through. Maybe just can’t get themselves to take action for one reason or another.

Yet other people follow through every time! These are people that know how to take action and follow through. Why?

Some people even spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on training materials, conferences and such. But, they have not learned how to take action. Implementing what you learned is more important than learning it!

We all know what it takes to succeed in network marketing. So, why don’t people follow through and do what is necessary to succeed? Usually this is due to fear. People are so fearful that they are willing to settle for they have in life now, and just hope and wish something will change. They are paralyzed when they think about how to take action. They purchase one more success product or attend another conference every now and then, but still, nothing changes.

How to Take Action and Your Why

It all comes back to your WHY and how important that is in your life. It comes down to either MUST or DESIRE. If you want to understand how to take action in MLM, then get out of that “desire” place in your life.

What does that mean? If you are in a desire place in your life, things are OK> Sure, you wish they were different but you can live with it, giving into your fears and not taking action becomes a habit. When things are OK, your WHY is not strong enough to push you to do what it takes to build a business or whatever you want to accomplish. That is not how to take action!

On the other hand, if you are in a MUST situation, meaning that you are absolutely sick of your situation, and have your back up against the wall, you have no choice. That is how to take action in network marketing!

So how do you go from desire to must – without having your back up against the wall? Make a decision to do one thing every day to condition your mind for the next 2 months. Challenge yourself to learn that will help you feel accomplished after 2 months. Every day, do that one thing. This will help you get into a state of mind where you can understand how to take action and follow through. Next get clear on why this is a must for you. Think about how you can create real freedom in your life over time. It does not happen all at once – but as you do that one thing every day, you will be making progress and learning how to take action towards true success.

Progress is exciting and energizing. When you don’t make progress, it’s depressing, un-motivating and dull. With a little progress every day, Momentum starts building and that is your breakthrough! That break-through happens by feeding your mind every day, creating that daily habit and doing a little each day creates huge momentum!

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  1. A good approach to prompt you into action is never losing focus of your main goal. How much better will your life be when you succeed in your MLM business? Keep that in mind and you will have motivation.

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