How to Tap into the Power of Social Media to Boost Sales

At the core of any successful MLM business is consistent high volume throughout your organization. Volume is produced by product sales. With that in mind, if you were to spend all your time recruiting new distributors, your business will likely grow at a slow rate. Imagine if these distributors use the products but don’t sell [...]

Social Media for Marketing

Although using social media for marketing is a powerful strategy to grow your business, it can also be risky business. Imagine if you rely on one social network and they shut you down? What would you do? If you rely on social media marketing as the sole method to get leads and customers, ask yourself [...]

Using Social Media for Marketing

Are you struggling with using social media for marketing? It is important to remember that just because you are marketing online, it’s still about people. One of the social media marketing basics is that it’s not an automated process. Here’s what I mean. Although you might automate some of your posts, you still have to [...]

Use Facebook Hashtags to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

You can boost your social media marketing just by using Facebook hashtags, the newest feature to hit the social network! After the Facebook hashtags feature was rolled out, I saw a lot of negative comments about it. From accusations about Facebook copying Twitter to the don’t care attitude, negativity was in the air. Ignore all [...]

How to Use Twitter for Business | Don’t Be a Tweeting Fool

Learn how to use Twitter for business before you jump all in. It doesn’t take long to understand the basics and you’ll reap the rewards of your time investment. The fact that you are here shows that you are a leader who wants more out of life and is willing to learn. I get so [...]