Google SEO Trends in 2016

As we head into the last quarter of 2015, it’s time to get ready for Google SEO trends in 2016. Google, the number search engine in the world, always keeps us on our toes! Search engine optimization looks very different today than it did 5 years ago. With its algorithm updates and other changes over [...]

How to Do Keyword Research the Fast Way

Keyword research is a must if you are an online marketer. What are the phrases that people are searching for in Google that relate to your business? Any content marketing require SEO keyword research to find the best combination of words and phrases related to your business and search. Although the Google Keyword Planner is [...]

New Changes Coming to Google Plus and YouTube

When Google makes changes to its product line, I pay attention. If you are an online marketer, you should too! Google+ is currently integrated across all its products. For example, in order to post videos on YouTube or comment, users must have a Google Plus account. The comment then appears in Google Plus as well [...]

Google Social Networking

Google social networking is fast becoming a favorite site. Even so, many people are confused about how to use the Google social networking site effectively. With new features being added all the time, the depth and breadth of Google Plus is chock full of ways for you market yourself. Even if you feel left out, [...]

How to Increase YouTube Rankings

Looking for better YouTube rankings for your video? Great! Using YouTube marketing can give your business a huge boost! Similar to a blog post, YouTube videos can do the heavy lifting for you in your business. As an asset that works around the clock for you, getting better YouTube rankings is a must to get [...]

Using Google Plus Circles Effectively

Are you confused about using Google Plus Circles effectively? According to the Global Web Index report, in Quarter 4 of 2012 Google Plus already had 343 million active users! As the number 2 social network, it’s time you jump onboard and add Google Plus part of your social media strategy. Engaging in relevant conversations are [...]