Social Media for Marketing

Although using social media for marketing is a powerful strategy to grow your business, it can also be risky business.

Imagine if you rely on one social network and they shut you down?

What would you do?

Social Media for MarketingIf you rely on social media marketing as the sole method to get leads and customers, ask yourself what the impact would be if it got shut down.

Social media networks are free to use and you can gain access to thousands of people.

BUT … those accounts are NOT business assets that you can protect.

Recently, a top network marketer, Todd Falcone woke up to no Facebook page! He lost access to over 100,000 people and there was nothing he could do about it!

He has since gotten the Page back but, what if he didn’t? What would you do?

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Video: Social Media for Marketing is Risky Business

Social Media for Marketing is Not a Business Asset

Business assets are things you own and can control. Using social media for marketing is not one of them because you have no real control over the social media network or company. It’s their asset!

Here are 3 more reasons why you should not only rely on social media for marketing:

Your Account Gets Shut Down

Any social network can shut your account down for any reason. What would you do if you suddenly have no access to your audience? You would be gone from their newsfeeds in the blink of an eye!

People Don’t See All Your Posts

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, not everyone that is connected to you will see your posts. They show up in the newsfeed and quickly disappear into a sea of posts.
Once that post disappears into the newsfeed abyss, then what? It becomes a thing of the past, never to be clicked on again!

Social Network Business Models Change

In the old days of using social media for marketing, everyone saw all the Facebook posts from your page in their newsfeed. That’s no longer the case. Only a small percentage of your audience actually sees the posts. Facebook wants you to buy ads instead! That’s a business model change that you can’t control. You can lose a ton of views in the process.

Expand Beyond Using Social Media for Marketing

If you depend solely on social media for marketing in your business, you need to expand and utilize other online marketing methods.

I highly recommend that you start a blog, which is an asset for your business. A blog is an asset that you own and control.

I still make money from blog posts I wrote in 2009 and grew my business to over 10,000 customers and counting!

You should continue to use social media for marketing, but having a blog as your central hub on the Internet is even more powerful. If your social network went away, you still have an asset, an audience, and a means to continue online marketing.

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  1. Jose Lopez says:

    This is a very scary topic Lisa. That’s why I like to collect emails from these platform as much as I can but when you rely on these 3rd party sites you are putting your business at risk. Great post Lisa.
    Jose Lopez recently posted…The Importance of Internet Video in AdvertisingMy Profile

  2. Worli says:

    Very True! With any type of marketing, it is important to know where it is headed. This is especially important for social media marketing trends where there seems to be new social media platforms every few months.

    One way of keeping up with the time and evolution of virtual business methods is to know what trends and expectations are observed for the current time period.
    Worli recently posted…Free Directory Submission List [200 Directories]My Profile

  3. Lynda Kenny says:

    What great advice, you are so right, we don’t own social media but we do own our blogs. Social media is powerful and has its place, of course it does but we don’t control it and can be shut down at any time. I love the freedom of having a blog. Thanks Lisa
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…Be The One Continuously Serving Your Audience.My Profile

  4. Adam says:

    Excellent post, Lisa. Social media is great to bring awareness to our businesses, but we own our blogs and email list and that’s the key! Something all marketers need to remember! Thanks!
    Adam recently posted…Make More Sales, Even If You’re Not An ExpertMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Adam! I’ve met a few marketers lately that have no blog and only market on social media. That led me to write this posts. I was thinking about what would happen if they lost that network. Yikes!

  5. WOW. I did not know that happened to Todd. Thank you for sharing and the amazing advice and wisdom! Glad I read this!
    Jeremy Wright recently posted…Why You Need To Get 1st PlaceMy Profile

  6. Ron Deering says:

    I agree totally with you Lisa…. Social Media has it’s place as a tool but you need to have your home located on your personally owned BLOG! Something you can control, backup and restore if anything does happen…There have been to many horror stories of top leaders losing their social media accounts. Great Post Lisa… thanks for sharing
    Ron Deering recently posted…How To Get Leads Online With Your BlogMy Profile

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