Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Want to use social media marketing to build your network marketing business?

You may have run out of warm market leads to talk to but with social media, you’ll have an endless supply!

With the right social media marketing tactics, you can easily brand yourself.

Have you been on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? You may have just played around on those social media sites before.

Learn how you can use them to your advantage to meet new people that need your product, service, or opportunity!

Social Media Marketing Tips

You can reach many more prospects and gain visibility through social media marketing than you can out in your local area. When you combine both on and offline methods, there will be no stopping you from success!

Before I give you two tips for your social media marketing campaign, first understand that you have to make this part of your daily routine.

That is how you will gain momentum and build relationships. If you just these things every now and then, you should not bother doing them at all.

  1. Build relationships. Every successful network marketer is skilled at connecting with people. It’s the same online. Become an influential person and people will start coming to you! That is called attraction marketing. On Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, reach out to people with similar interests and start the conversation.
  2. Share valuable information. One of the biggest mistakes I see network marketers doing with their social media marketing is constantly try to sell and recruit. Don’t do that! People don’t want to see another advertisement or be sold. They want their problems solved, meet interesting people, or learn interesting things. Be a caring online friend and share content that solves a problem. You want people to get to know and trust you as a source of information that they need.

As you build YOU through your social media marketing efforts, remember that you are building relationships. That’s what it’s all about, after-all.

If you don’t know how to use social media marketing, click here for access to a blueprint for success!

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  1. John Halsell says:

    Nice post Lisa, I appreciate with Your 2nd point which is very good point for social media marketing. Often we sale product only and we don’t share any valuable fact and interesting thing, in this situation your relationship with people become weak that’s not fair. So make a good relationship with people and enjoy with them

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks John! Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your insights about Social media marketing. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. vigith says:

    Very good post Lisa. I am realy enjoy your post. In modern world social media help our busniess goes high level. But majority of people do not know how utillising this oppertunity. So i expect more post from you .thank you
    vigith recently posted…http://www.worldclassreward.comMy Profile

  3. patty says:

    Great article. It is so true that you have to keep up with social media. The company I am a part of has an excellent team almost always monitoring their social media to help anyone with questions. I love being involved with a company that helps me help others through all mediums.

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