Recipe for Success

Are you still searching for the recipe for success in your home business? The ingredients are simple yet powerful as you will find out in this article.

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

Have you ever wondered by others seem to achieve so much in their lives? Maybe you have access to the same tools, training and products, but yet, you can’t put together the same recipe for success.

Do those people have something different that you don’t?

Do you wonder why some people are thought of as leaders and achieve great things while other more qualified people do not?

The recipe for success in your home business lies in how leaders inspire action in others. The greatest leaders of our time do things differently than everyone else.

In this article, I explore the recipe for success as explained by Simon Sinek, author of the book, Start With Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

A few years ago, I realized the importance of these concepts and found them to be completely true.

Recipe for Success – Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

In his thought provoking talk, Simon Sinek talks about the Golden Circle, which defines why some people are able to inspire while others are not. To me, this is clearly a recipe for success as I have seen this happen over and over.

According to the Golden Circle philosophy:

  • People know what they do.
  • Some people know how they do it.
  • Very few people know why they do what they do.

According to Simon Sinek, your WHY is your purpose, cause and belief. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

In any network marketing business, we learn from that our WHY is the most important part of our business to understand. Yet, many people simply “don’t get this.” Most people who start a home business only consider the end result – the money or how many products they can sell.

Going about your business in this way is not the recipe for success and will not inspire anyone to follow you.

Having a deep belief in something and acting on those beliefs, has a greater impact than spewing facts about the product or opportunity that you offer.

The true recipe for success comes down to this as stated by Simon Sinek: “People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

When everything you do is based on a certain belief, people will be attracted to you based on trust, loyalty and belief.

The recipe for success in your business starts with WHY.

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