Where to Promote Your Blog – Right Here!

Where to promote your blog

Where to promote your blog

Are you confused on where to promote your blog? There are many ways to do that and one is to promote your blog right here at Wealth Mission Possible!

That’s right. I wanted to give everyone a place to share their websites and social media platforms while interacting with others.

So this blog post is dedicated to shameless self-promotion for YOU! It’s a great chance to publicize your blog!

This is a great way for you to connect with others you might not otherwise find on the Internet.

Where to Promote Your Blog – Use Commenting

Whether you are just starting out with a blog or have been around for a while, it’s important that you promote your blog. You can have the best content in the world but if no one knows about it, then it’s a waste of time and energy.

That’s why I am offering this chance for you to promote your blog for free.

Promoting a blog for free

Promoting a blog for free

Social media provides amazing opportunities to promote your blog and content. Another powerful method is commenting, which not only provides awareness but an automatic link back to your blog.

My website features CommentLuv, which gives you an extra boost and automatic link to the most recent post on your blog.

Ready for some free blog promotion? Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the comment form. CommentLuv will display a link to your last blog post and Twitter.
  2. Write  a brief description about YOU in the comment area. Don’t worry, just one or two sentences will be fine.
  3. Next, include the social media site where others can connect with you. Leave off the http and www:
    Facebook (profile or business page)
    Google +
    Other social networks not listed here.
  1. Here’s the fun part! After you promote your blog here, choose 2 or more commenters to follow via their social networks. You can also comment on their blogs.

Let’s work together to drive traffic and make connections!

I am looking forward to connecting with you via this promote your blog post. This is not a one day thing either. I will keep this open for the next few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed this post about where to promote your blog! Now go promote yourself.

Check these out!


  1. Hi Lisa,I love what you are doing here. I try to \\\”Spread Financial Confidence\\\” by sharing always-relavent-but-not-always-widely-known articles on eye-opening financial concepts and ways to teach kids about money through my experience with my kids, as well as sharing personal development articles from my favorite gurus.
    David Vogelsang recently posted…The Importance of Teaching Kids Financial Literacy as Early as PossibleMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks David! I’ve really enjoyed reading your informative articles about financial concepts. Definitely eye-opening and recommended!

  2. Georgia Hall says:

    Lisa thank you for allowing me to promote using your blog, we do have to work together to drive traffic and make connections. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for allowing me to do a little shameless promotion. :) I think in time this will allow me and your followers to build up own little tribe. I look forward to connecting with others who comment here, it’s a great way to get exposure to other bloggers and I am happy to share their content.
    I am an internet/network marketer like yourself, I run a blog
    (WorkWithRichardP.com ) that provides what I hope is useful information for anyone looking to learn how to market and generate leads online.
    Thanks again Lisa, I look forward to meeting and sharing with your group!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted…MLM Success Tips For Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  4. Vivek says:

    A simple and perfect strategy to bring lots of traffic. I think if you are able to be first to comment on sites like basicblogtips, weblogbetter or similar sites, then you might see some high traffic spike.

    Thanks for this amazing post.
    Vivek recently posted…20 Great Premium WordPress Magazine ThemesMy Profile

  5. Melissa says:

    The think I like about carrying on my cyber endeavor the most is the people we get to know and the bond that is formed with them. I read this article and I am so elated by the fast how you have giving people like me a promotion platform with an aim to get more traffic and hence encourage more and more talk.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
    Melissa recently posted…A Comprehensive Guide to Penny Auctions: What is a Penny Auction?My Profile

  6. Tim Mushey says:

    Good Morning Lisa! Thanks for the opportunity to promote my blog and social media information. You can find my blog at SellLeadSucceed.com I am loving Twitter @TimMushey73. As well things are going extremely well on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SellLeadSucceed

    Will check back later and connect with these other commenters. Thanks and have a fantastic Monday…
    Tim Mushey recently posted…Saturday Music Memories – Incredible Young Drummer!My Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Tim! So glad you stopped by to connect! Your FB page is awesome – recommended for everyone to like! Have an awesome day.

  7. Jen Presnall says:

    Your website is very informative. I look forward to your future posts and information you have to share. It is hard finding a true leader in this industry. Your site proves I have found one. Thank you again. Come join me on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/jenpresnall or on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/thesuccessmission.
    Jen Presnall recently posted…Grow Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  8. Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for giving us a chance to promote our blog/site. My blog is all about telecommuting or as it’s more commonly known as work-from-home jobs.

    I post the latest WFH job leads, freelance projects, and share easy start-up home-based or online business ideas.

    I can found Twitter and these social sites:
    Facebook: facebook.com/wfhconcepts
    Pinterest: pinterest.com/wfhconcepts
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/wfhconcepts
    Google Plus: plus.google.com/117676534884124825850/

    Looking forward to new connections.
    Corina Ramos recently posted…Work from Home Concepts Presents-A Kobo Arc 64GB GiveawayMy Profile

  9. Ricardo says:

    Thanks for that important information will implement it in my blogs

  10. Dragan Palla says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the opportunity to promote my blog. I run a blog about building an effective Internet presence. Basically I share tips on content writing, SEO and social media.

    Always looking forward to new connections :)

    Thanks Lisa for the opportunity!
    Dragan Palla recently posted…Blogging on a Schedule and Managing LifeMy Profile

  11. Hi, I’m Shane. I write code. I live in Belfast. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years. It makes me happy. And thats what my site/blog is about. Helping people who have never programmed to code.

    Shane O’Hanlon recently posted…Tutorial 1 – An Introduction to HTML and JavaScriptMy Profile

  12. Hi Lisa,

    This is such a lovely way to pay it forward. I guess it always works well when we give back to others in more ways than one – isn’t it?

    Speaking of myself, I am a professional freelance writer and blogger, and here are my blogs

    aha-now.com – It’s a SELFhelp blogzine for self-development and enrichment in life and family (SELF).

    freelancewriterscafe.com – A blog for freelance writers.

    It would be great to connect with others, so here are my profiles –

    Twitter – twitter.com/harleenas
    Facebook – facebook.com/harleenasingh.freelancewriter
    Google+ – plus.google.com/106802192027704034427/about
    Pinterest – pinterest.com/harleenasingh/

    Thanks so much Lisa for this opportunity. Have a nice day ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Ways of Dealing with the Loss of a Loved OneMy Profile

  13. Lisa Steward says:

    Thanks Lisa!

    I run a blog for Signature Filing for business owners and those who are thinking about opening their own business. It is a great resource for business owners and contains articles with smart advice for business owners, interviews with entrepreneurs, and tips for those who want to start their own business.
    Lisa Steward recently posted…Laser Focus and the Lean StartupMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Lisa! Great to connect with you!Sounds like you have some helpful info for business owners. Will be sure to visit frequently :)

      to your success!

  14. Brian says:

    Hi, I’m quite new to blogging and looking for ways to promote my new blog. Thankyou for the opportunity to shamelessly promote my blog Lisa. My blog explains everyday topics on the basis of psychology. I’m still learning and hopefully will build a decent following over time.

    Thanks again
    Brian recently posted…Motivation and what it is..My Profile

  15. Laura Leese says:

    Hello Lisa, I am trying to help my 11 year old daughter promote a community support system for young girls like herself. She started a group called G.A.B Girls (Girls Against Bullying Girls). Thank you for allowing us to post and try to get others to support her http://www.facebook.com/Girls.Against.Bullying.Girls?ref

  16. Thanks so much for this Lisa my blog can use a little bit more traffic:)
    Love your blog and keep up the good work!
    Andrew Walker recently posted…Simplify Your Marketing Strategies.My Profile

  17. What a great idea, and thanks for the opportunity.
    I am a full-time networker, author, engineer, husband, affiliate marketer, etc.
    I train people on my blog to Own Their Life again – to have More Money, More Time and Better Health.
    I love to connect with people, and my FB page is:
    Jon R. Patrick recently posted…Why do Women excel in Network MarketingMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Jon! You are welcome – so glad to make your acquaintance. Love that – Own Their Life again. Look forward to connecting on social networks with you.

  18. Jay DIckens says:

    What fun! I co-blog with my writing partner Nik about books and writing and random thoughts. Find us at http://www.literarykiss.com or on Pinterest & Twitter as BStoneBlog.
    Jay DIckens recently posted…A Thousand Words is Worth not Having to Draw a PictureMy Profile

  19. Hey Lisa!

    I’m loving the ‘luvvin’ – what an awesome and cool idea!

    You rock Lisa! :-)

    Robin J Emdon recently posted…Pure Leverage Review – An Honest and Authoritative Look Under The Hood of Pure LeverageMy Profile

  20. MarketMeNot says:

    At MarketMeNot.com we review TV Commercials. Check it out, and let us know what you think :) Thanks!
    MarketMeNot recently posted…KFC I Ate The Bones with Family CommercialMy Profile

  21. Lisa, New around here, but I liked the idea. Connections are some of the best ways to get ahead in life and business. My blog is all about motivation, success, and freedom. It isn’t cushy or cuddly, but it is honest. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Remy Sheppard recently posted…No Negativity Allowed HereMy Profile

  22. Lisa,

    Thanks for the chance to promote…
    I’ve always loved learning and becoming the expert at something and then teaching others. I did that as an engineer, as a consultant to huge companies and as a Mom. Now, I have the chance to do that as an online instructor as an an online marketer. This is what these programs are — learn to become really good at some aspect of internet marketing and then teaching others how to become really good at some aspect of internet marketing. I love learning from them myself and offering them to others is a perfect match for me. If you want to learn more, contact me or visit my site.

  23. Jeri Moore says:

    I’m not out for sales, I’m looking for readers who may be in the same or similar boat as my little family. I’m a 26 yr old raising a 15 yr old(my sister), due to some unfortunate events, and have no parenting exp for trouble teens(or any other kid). she aslo co-blogs from her perspective. Finding commenting readers would be great, so thank you for this opportunity.

  24. Donna Hart says:

    Hello all and especially Lisa for her more than generous spirit – which will return to her 100 fold!My site is about all things Entrepeneur. Please, stop by and visit and leave yours thoughts in the comments.You can also connect with me on the following Social Media facebook.com/#!/DKHartPublishing
    Donna Hart recently posted…So You Want to Make Some Changes in Your Life – What is the first thing you should do?My Profile

  25. Penny Turko says:

    Hey Lisa!

    Thanks so much for offering up the opportunity to share. I am a Social Media Coach and Train on and offline. I love to meet new people and help where I can. I enjoy learning a new skill or strategy and then creating a video tutorial to share with others. Let me know if you ave a specific question that I might be able to answer for you. You can reach me at facebook.com/pennyturkofanpage
    and youtube.com/pennyturko
    Penny Turko recently posted…How To Send A Private Message In Google PlusMy Profile

  26. Luke Roland says:


    Thanks for this! My blog is about finding, pursuing, and living out your dreams. I hope to inspire people to take control of their destiny and live out their dreams!

  27. I´m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and love all things fab, food and family. And I love to share my passion for make up, skincare, food and organizing home life with my readers!

    Facebook: Fabulicious Home Life
    Fabulicious Home Life recently posted…Mediterranean Coucous SaladMy Profile

  28. James says:

    Just out of interest is a varied blog; featuring thoughts upon current world topics. Some include: World peace, Social media & Culture, & changes in the way we communicate.

    I’m an unemployed graduate, living in London. I love to learn, write & discuss, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment ; )
    James recently posted…The Internet and World PeaceMy Profile

  29. Ryan B. says:

    Great site, and thanks for letting us promote our blogs.!

    Mine is Shopping Signals. It’s all about content marketing for sites that sell stuff. The focus is on providing useful and actionable information that helps Internet merchants solve their unique online marketing challenges.
    Ryan B. recently posted…eCommerce Inbound Marketing is Difficult. Let’s Make it EasierMy Profile

  30. Thanks so much! come and read all about bed bugs!
    Margie Lehnert recently posted…On the purpose of bed bugs…My Profile

  31. p0zart says:

    Thanks for this opportunity and letting me know about this Lisa.

    at this time I only use my twitter account to share Design , Web and Technology tips so everyone is welcome in my page. I’m also a professional web designer so I may could help you with you blog stuff too.

    Best wishes

  32. Misha says:

    Hi, this is my blog about postcards, snail mail and little bit about traveling. I’m posting postcards/stamps I bought or received, some stories from my life, trying to also get some people to participate :-) I asked to send me a picture of their mail box on my email but still not enough traffic for it to be effective. :-) I really would love when this blog would grow. I love writing posts and show my postcard collection.
    Misha recently posted…My favorite placeMy Profile

  33. Lisa,
    Thanks so much for sharing. I just recently started my personal blog, I appreciate you making this available.

    I am a 22 year veteran of the United States Air Force. Im recently new to online marketing but enjoying every minute of the journey!

    Facebook: facebook.com/patjcostello
    Youtube: youtube.com/user/PatsLeadGenerator
    Google+: plus.google.com/u/0/117108085672247296194/posts
    Twitter: twitter.com/PatrickRjj
    Pintrest: pinterest.com/patjcostello/

    Pat Costello
    Patrick Costello recently posted…Network Marketing Blog vs Replacing Brakes On Your CarMy Profile

  34. Hi Lisa

    thanks for your project on promoting blog. My intention is to have a successful blog that can promote my interest in the health and wellness sector as well as contributing to others in the process. Specifically, I am interested in yoga, meditation, leading a healthy life and self development (such as using the power of intuition, affirmation). Finally, having a rewarding and fulfilling life where I can lead a live according to my wishes is very important :) .

    My other social medias include:
    pinterest.com/mulkurnia and
    Mulyadi Kurnia recently posted…E-BOOK: FIVE TIPS TO BE A HAPPIER YOUMy Profile

  35. Erica says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to promote my blog! Most Marketers won’t offer free help the way you have. May God bless you 10 fold for willingness to help others succeed.
    Erica recently posted…Hard To Lose Fat SecretsMy Profile

  36. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Lisa!
    I help women bloggers stay in their genius zone by showing them how to take their blog from dull to sparkle so readers can hear their message!
    My links are:
    Facebook: fb dot com/blogformatting
    Twitter: twitter dot com/blogformatting
    Google+: gplus dot to/blogformatting
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted…You asked: How can I find great images for my blog?My Profile

  37. Hello Lisa
    Laura Here
    A new blogger about Try to Conceive process, Chiropractic School, Marriage and Life .. Enjoy my blog
    New to blogging and came across your page. I love what you are doing here in making it easier for everyone to gain more traffic and thus a more satisfying page! Check me out and I really appreciate this opportunity to write on here.

  38. Bella says:

    Lisa, thanks for allowing bloggers to promote on your your page. What a gracious & kind thing. My blog is http://www.bellaglory.com I have a lookbook, fashion and beauty reviews, dieting ups and downs.

    Thanks Again & God bless

  39. Sharing is most definitely caring! Thanks for doing what you do.
    Molley@A Mother Life recently posted…Abortion on the SubwayMy Profile

  40. Imagine if I read the instructions!My blog is amotherlife.com. I write about being an Aussie mum in the warp of living in NYC and ALL that goes with that!
    facebook amotherlife
    Molley@A Mother Life recently posted…Abortion on the SubwayMy Profile

  41. Alice Quinn says:

    Hi everyone! Our blog is geared towards an entertaining viewpoint ofour lives and how we are applying different strategies to our first attempt at writing a novel. Thanks for checking it out!

  42. Mark says:

    Thanks Lisa for allowing us a place to show off our blogs. I’ve had a blog for awhile but just recently re-branded it and it is now primarily geared towards up-to-date technology news (Tek Dogg). It also features business, social media, branding and design news and info.

    Facebook Business page: facebook.com/YellowDoggDesigns
    Mark recently posted…Zimmerman Case: The Social Media EffectMy Profile

  43. Nick says:

    Hey Lisa. It”s great that you are giving everyone an opportunity to explain who they are and what they are about. Really Appreciate it- thanks!.
    Anyway, I aim to provide lots of value with my Blog (WebTrafficLounge.com) that covers MMO, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Strategies.
    I’m all about giving away as much free info on recruiting and generating web traffic as possible.
    Nick recently posted…MLM Offline Marketing TipsMy Profile

  44. Hi Lisa, Very cool idea for helping others promote themselves. So of course I’ve got to get in on it as well :)

    I’m big into myths, legends, superstitions, odd facts and pretty much any kind of unusual topic. My blog is a great outlet for me to share the crazy info I love to absorb. I love everyone and like to get feedback for discussion, so feel free to drop by and read something bizarre.

    You can also find me on-
    Facebook: facebook.com/OddRandomThoughts
    Google+: plus.google.com/u/0/b/106997843997079103715/
    YouTube: youtube.com/user/OddRandomThoughts
    Robert Tuttle recently posted…Will Pee Cure Athlete’s FootMy Profile

  45. Hi Lisa,Thanks for the opportunity to promote my blog called Learn from yesterday, live for today… , about my experiences in cooking, travel, and more over the years. It was started earlier this year, so this will really help. Facebook is facebook.com/learnfromyesterdaywithjodee For Pinterest and Google+ just go to Jodee Weiland. Thanks again!
    Jodee Weiland recently posted…Homemade Cream Cheese Pound Cake…Delicious and Easy to MakeMy Profile

  46. Anita says:

    Hello, Thank you for allowing me to post on your blog. I was reading another one of your blogs and I find myself learning a lot of new tips from you. I am definitely keeping you on my radar and letting others know about your blogs. I hope we can start to help each other here. Thanks again:) Anita
    Anita recently posted…QUALITY WEB TEMPLATESMy Profile

  47. Maxwell Ivey says:

    Hello; I help people buy and sell amusement, concessions, and confections equipment. My blog is mostly business based, but it does also touch on the challenges I have in my profession due to being an almost totally blind entrepreneur and computer user. linkedin.com/profile/view?id=79525614 I hope i did this right. Thanks for helping to promote our blogs. Take care, Max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…Topspin is finally sold, they can’t all be quick salesMy Profile

  48. Barbie Woods says:

    Hi Lisa and all the other readers out there!

    I love the idea of this and think that helping each other out is a great way to boost traffic!

    My blog…The Diary of a Traveling Welder’s Wife…is basically an inspirational blog that I have started to help not only my readers…but to build confidence in myself as well.

    I love writing and adore that there are people out there that I can encourage through my words!

    God bless!

    Facebook book page….facebook.com/diaryofatravelingwelderswife?ref=hl

  49. Roman Deluna says:

    So grateful for Lisa and Wealth Mission Possible. I just started a blog about 3 months ago so the timing is perfect. I am serious about blogging and will be happy to participate in getting all our blogs an online presence.
    Connect with me on Google + rdeluna827@gmail.com
    Roman Deluna recently posted…Understanding Network Marketing; The Key To SuccessMy Profile

  50. Brenda Smith says:

    Indeed a great post about blog promotion.

    To run a blog properly, We should must have some regular readers and to get regular readers, We must have to promote our blogs regularly.

    Blog promotion is very much important nowadays. We should have the ability to attract readers eyes.

    I really like the way of blog pormotion you explained here and I am completely agree with you. By following these techniques, We can drive regular readers on our blog.

    As I think, to get regular loyal readers, We must have to write high quality and engaging content because content is the only thing which can attract readers from different different sources whether It is a social media or email outreach. Content should have the power to attract readers.

    Along with these places, Facebook groups has also a great potential. We can drive huge traffic and readers from these groups If we have written the awesome content.

    I am glad that you have covered such a nice article. Thanks for sharing is with us. :D
    Brenda Smith recently posted…Top 5 Best Electric Guitars under $1000 [ Most Wanted ]My Profile

  51. Laura Danner says:

    Hello!I have a blog which I’m trying to grow. It has recipes, crafts, and even an occasional giveaway. Feel free to see it at flowersinmybasket.blogspot.com
    Thank you

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