Productivity Tips for Home Based Business

productivity tips

productivity tips

Looking for key productivity tips for your home based business? Glad you stopped by because I have a few for you.

When you have a home based business, you get paid for results. It’s important that you spend your time being as productive as possible. That’s why I wrote up these “productivity tips”.

This is a shift in thinking from your full-time job where someone employs you. With traditional employment, you trade time for money and usually get a paycheck regardless of what you actually do. You know what I mean!

At my last corporate job, many employees were on the Internet for hours on end. But, they still got a paycheck! And a healthy one at that.

Well, that won’t work in your home based business, friends. So listen up to these tips for home based business.

Productivity Tips for Home Based Business – Set Goals and Be on Task

Now you understand that in our network marketing business, we get paid for results. So make something happen!

You MUST spend your time being extremely productive during whatever time you devote to your business. Here are 3 “productivity tips” to get you thinking in the right direction.

  • Checking email, Facebook, and Twitter. Isn’t it easy to check your email 50 times a day or see what’s happening in your Facebook newsfeed? That is called being busy, plain and simple. After all is said and done, you’ve gotten very little done! You need to leverage your time in a big way! Instead, allocate a time of day to check and answer email, or spend time on Facebook checking out your newsfeed and responding to comments. Use your time wisely.
  • productivity tips home based businessFailing to plan is planning to fail. Seriously, you need to set goals for every single day, week, and month. If you don’t know exactly where you are going, how will you ever get there? Do you have a specific plan in place or are you trying every marketing strategy that you hear about. You will not get results that. Take a deep breath and focus. Make a list of your goals and daily tasks to accomplish them.
  • MMA – money making activities. This is one of my favorite of all time! Spend 90% of your time in MMA! That is where you will find success. What are money making activities? Driving traffic to your website and talking to prospects on the phone.

If you care about your time and your home business success, maximize your productivity. There are no secrets here.

If you are looking for practical, positive, powerful ways to be more productive, click here to get even more productivity tips from the experts.

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  1. My tip is to literally dispose of (if you are quite undisciplined) or shout of the income reducing electronic device … Oh that would be the TV.

    Focus on where you want to be, and just get rid of anything that stops you getting there.

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