Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Working?

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Working?In this article I’ll show you how to figure out if your online marketing strategy working for your business so you can get new leads, new customers, and hit your business goals.

Marketing effectiveness needs to be measured periodically in your business. Here are a few things to look at over the last 6 months:

  • Are you generating leads daily? How many?
  • Are you converting leads to customers?
  • Are you getting a steady flow of traffic to your website?
  • Is your websites traffic growing month over month?
  • Are you increasing the number of views on your YouTube videos?
  • Are you growing your YouTube subscribers?

If you had iffy answers on any of these things, then you need to take another look at your online marketing strategy and find out what’s wrong.

Video - Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Working?

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Evolving?

Let’s say you’ve been blogging for 6 months and still not getting much traffic to your website. What do you do?

Do you just keep blogging and hope for the best?

All too often I’ve heard  online marketers make statements around “do it until” “be consistent” “blog every day” “make videos every day.”

While it’s true that we should never give up, we also should not take this literally.

Perhaps you are staying consistent. But being consistent with a marketing strategy that is not working is also not helping you.

With all your consistency and sticking with it, are you getting more traffic, leads, opt-ins and shares? If not, you need to make some changes. Here’s another example:

Let’s say your online marketing strategy is video content and you post 5 videos a week on YouTube for the last 6 months. In all that time, your individual videos don’t get many views and your subscribers are not growing.

Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

If you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing, you’ll have the same result no matter how long you continue.

Working hard on ineffective online marketing strategies will not get you any closer to your goal. Here are a few tips on how to pinpoint where the problem is:

  • If you are not getting blog traffic and it’s been 6 months or more, check your keyword research, blog post structure and optimization.
  • If you are getting blog traffic but no conversions, check that your content aligns with your target audience, calls-to-action are strong and the content matches your headline.
  • If your YouTube channel is not growing, check your audience retention statistics to find out where your audience is dropping off, make sure your content is focused and to the point, and you are using YouTube cards and annotations to direct users to related content.

Improve your Marketing Effectiveness Online

Have you ever heard the definition of “Insanity?” It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If your Internet marketing strategy is not getting the results you hoped for, it’s time to make a change.

Dig deep to find out why your online content marketing is not working. Why are you not getting more views on your video or more traffic to your website? What can you do better or completely differently?

Make it a point to reevaluate your marketing effectiveness on a regular basis and make changes as needed.

What is your challenge with online marketing? Are you working hard but not getting the results you hoped for? Leave a comment and share with the community here.

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  1. Vitaliy says:

    Hey Lisa awesome video, you gotta look at the numbers to see that they are working and increasing! Thanks for sharing!
    Vitaliy recently posted…It’s Not Your Fault! (A Very Powerful Communication Secret)My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Vitaliy! This is such an important topic! Many people are simply not moving forward because they are not looking at those important numbers and making changes accordingly.

  2. Lynda Kenny says:

    Awesome post today Lisa, asking all those important questions. It was so informative and I imagine there will be many people can relate to a great deal of what you mentioned.
    I loved the way you tapped into the feelings of the reader and then left with some good advice and where to get the help they need
    Thanks for sharing.
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…How To Overcome Information Overload.My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Lynda! I appreciate your comment! We’ve all been that person working away without results. I hope to help those people get to the bottom of where the breakdown is happening.

  3. Adam says:

    Awesome post, Lisa! So many of us start out just blindly “doing until”, but “until” never comes because we aren’t monitoring the numbers and actions that show us what’s working! Awesome reminder for everyone! Thanks!
    Adam recently posted…Video Blogging Tips For SuccessMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Adam! there a bit too much of that “doing until” floating around out there – I sadly see too many people taking it literally, believing that if they keep doing it, they will have success. That is simply not true!

  4. Nate says:

    Yep….it’s all about the numbers. Very well put together blog!! A+

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I loved your video and post. It is so important to keep up with the changes in internet marketing.

    I wanted to share this community I joined and am getting a lot of great traffic from them. It is called and it is wonderful. You should join it too.

    I made a lot of changes in my strategies I am using for my blog, in the last couple of months. Adding Kingged was one of them.

    You are a great video marketer and I love how you recap in a post under the video. It’s great! Jump in and join kingged you will be so happy that you did. You will get great results and receive terrific responses.

    Thank you for sharing, Lisa and you have a wonderful weekend!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…How To Stay Focused While Blogging?My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Linda! I appreciate you leaving a comment. Changes are so important to continued success. I’d love to hear more about some of the changes you implemented.
      Let’s chat next week…I like to know a little more before I jump into something Kingged and if you can share how it’s helped you, I would be very appreciative.
      I’ll send you an email!
      Have a great weekend!

  6. Chuck Holmes says:

    I use a simple Excel Spreadsheet every single month to track all of the key metrics for my website and business. I’ve been doing this for about six years and it makes a big difference. It lets you look at your business objectively, figure out what is working and what isn’t working and let’s you identify areas for improvement. If you can track it, you should. That’s what smart business owners do. Just my two cents.

    Chuck Holmes recently posted…How to Develop Specialized Knowledge in Network MarketingMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Chuck for the great tip on tracking. Everyone should track their metrics, using whatever method works best for them.
      Too often people neglect this important activity and just keep blogging on and on without results.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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