Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Confused about how to create an online lead generation system? I put together some proven methods to get prospects for any business using the Internet.

You can really use the Internet to build your business by generating qualified leads. I do this for my own business and it works!

Before I even get into that, let’s find out what are leads in marketing. For any business, a lead is really just getting potential customers interested in your products, services or business opportunity. Lead-generation can occur both on and offline.

A common way to generate leads offline is a trade show where a person fills out an interest card with their information and then someone from the company follows up with them later.

In this article I will show you how the power of the Internet can help you advance your business. Using online lead generation is all about attraction marketing and helping get people interested in you.

Online Lead Generation Techniques

In today’s world, most people turn to the Internet for information and solutions. If you are not marketing yourself online, you are missing out on a huge market!

Here are 5 proven ways to generate online leads for your business:

  • Create a blog. Start blogging and provide value in every article you write. While feature and benefits are cool, that is not what people are searching for on Google. They have problems and are looking for solutions. Optimize your content for search engines but always keep your prospects problems in mind and provide what they need.
  • Use social media marketing. There are millions of people using various social networks. Tap into social media marketing for online lead generation and building relationships with people. You can use Facebook and Twitter for starters to get your message out about you and your products, services and opportunity.
  • Provide solutions. I already said this. I repeat it because it’s crucial for your online lead generation success. Anyone can post a sales page about a product or service key features. That is not enough for a potential lead to end up on your email list! What do you have that others don’t? The solution to the problem!
  • Capture information. If you put information out there but don’t capture a lead’s information, you are wasting time. Don’t skip this step. Use either an email capture page or online lead generation system to capture a person’s name and email.
  • Follow up. Just because you have a person’s name and email on your list, doesn’t mean much. Converting your prospect to a customer or team member is your ultimate goal. That person is just a contact at this point so you must follow up with either a phone call or email to build a relationship.

Without leads, you do not have a business. A constant flow of new prospects is the key to your success.

Don’t have a system for success? Here are the Online Lead Generation Tools I use to attract new prospects every day.

Check these out!

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