Can You Succeed with Network Marketing Online?

Network Marketing Online

Network Marketing Online

Does network marketing online really work? Traditionally, MLM professionals did all their recruiting and meetings offline and in-person. That still works!

With so many Internet tools and techniques, network marketing online has proven to be successful for recruiting and income generation. It’s worth it to invest in online network marketing training for yourself.

How can you possibly reach the same number of potential customers and prospects if you only use offline marketing? With network marketing online, you can reach more people and use your time effectively.

Network Marketing Online – How to Get Started

Are you short on time? Do you want to have the chance to earn money even while you are sleeping? Well, network marketing online can help you do that.

I was on free vacation that I earned in my primary business. While I was away, I did no recruiting. However, I gained 50 new leads, 4 new distributors and 26 new customers.

How on earth can that happen?

It’s the result of network marketing online techniques. When I first started in MLM, marketing my business online was the best decision I ever made.

Think about it. What is network marketing? It’s really building a network of people that buy and sell products. Some of these people are customers and some are distributors.

Now, how can you extend your reach beyond your local community? Facebook alone has over one billions users.

Would you like to tap into that?

Anyone can do MLM marketing online by creating an online presence. There are many methods you can use to attract prospects and expose your business.

A few of these online MLM secrets include:

  • Blogging
  • Pay-per-click ads (PPC)
  • Email newsletters (you need a list of subscribers)
  • Forums
  • Social media

Whichever of these you decide to do for network marketing online, be sure to invest in training. Without that you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

Be sure to learn about your primary business online marketing policies. Some have restrictions and you’ll need to abide by that.

With network marketing online, you can definitely reach more people and have success.

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  1. Nicky says:

    I totally agree with you Lisa – once I brought my business online (and joined the same marketing system as you!) I made my first commissions and it felt so exciting.

    There are many different strategies to learn and the key is to know that you don’t have to learn it all – stick with what you’re good at to start with and become an expert at it. I see too many people getting overwhelmed with it all by trying to do too many things.

    I enjoyed reading this,
    Nicky recently posted…Why I said NO to MLSP (My Lead SystemPro) and Other Online MLM Marketing SystemsMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Nicky! So glad you stopped by – great minds think alike, yes?

      You raise a great point. Become an expert before moving on to the next marketing strategy. Nice advice!

      I stopped by your blog today and you’ve got some informative articles that I enjoyed reading as well.


  2. Jacob says:

    you can Raise your page rank and viewers by doing this
    Pay-per-click ads (PPC)
    Email newsletters (you need a list of subscribers)
    Social media

    and i agree to that but also you need to make your blog or advertisement to be more informative to improve the viewer of the site.
    Jacob recently posted…How To Use YouTube Marketing To Generate New Leads And CustomersMy Profile

  3. Bradley says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It truly amazes me that so many Network Marketers still continue to build their businesses offline, by contacting friends and family or speaking to stangers in the local store! When like you said, you can generate leads and sales on autopilot while you’re on vacation when you leverage the internet! Oh well, I guess the 90% who still don’t maximize the internet to grow their businesses will learn some day!
    Bradley recently posted…Internet Network Marketing Training – Productivity and InfluenceMy Profile

  4. Harry says:

    nice 1 you r sharing such wonderful points about network marketing online

  5. Good article Lisa.

    Building any business online takes skill, time and money. Network marketing is no different – the battle for most people coming online to build or grow their business is that these skills take time to learn/acquire. Off line prospecting, calling leads and warm market/belly to belly networking will still have its place for some and if it works you can’t really argue with those who use that approach.

    Personally, I would choose to market online.

    More bang for your buck — as they say! :)
    Neil @ CoffeeMoney recently posted…The Dummies Guide To Marketing Your Home Based Business In 2014My Profile

    • Chuck Holmes says:

      Patience is a virtue. Most people who take their business online for the same reason that people fail offline. If you don’t know how to generate leads, share your products or business or build relationships with people, building online will be hard to do. Anyone can learn the skills but it takes a while. Most folks don’t have the patience or discipline to stick around and develop their online skills. Instead, they are off to the next shiny object!
      Chuck Holmes recently posted…Is MLM Easy Money?My Profile

  6. thanks for this useful article … i m sure it will motivate many new bloggers…
    aashish lowanshi recently posted…viglink-affiliate-network-review-for-Indian-trafficMy Profile

  7. This is an amazing blog; You know so many people are just frustrated with the MLM business and they are looking for a way out!! You have to go the NEW way, everything is digital now; no more hassling family, friends, and co-workers those days are over! Network marketing can now be conveniently done online and you can build a powerful team by doing this.

    • Chuck Holmes says:


      A lot of folks are frustrated with old school MLM. I’d bet just as many folks are frustrated with online MLM. With all of the different systems, gurus and shiny objects out there, people have short attention spans. It’s hard to find anyone who will stick with something for 90 days, let alone a few years. The internet is a tool, but it is not the solution. People still need to learn how to build relationships and learn how to market online. It ain’t easy, but it does work.

      Chuck Holmes recently posted…Top 12 Tips to Find the Right MLM CompanyMy Profile

  8. Chuck Holmes says:

    Online network marketing definitely works, but it is NOT easy. Old school MLM is duplicatable and anyone can do it. It will take most folks a few years to learn the ins and outs of online network marketing. It took me several years to figure it out. However, once you figure it out it is a beautiful thing. There is nothing like sponsoring people you don’t know who live in a different country! I also like the idea of multiple streams of income and concept of attraction marketing. If you choose to build your business online, and you invest in your business education, it can really pay off. Just my two cents.
    Chuck Holmes recently posted…How to Build Your List for Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  9. sonkohassan says:

    You really change people\’s lives by helping them stop struggling looking for prospects online. I believe and tell people that building a network marketing business online is very like the way this post has explained it. check out the system I recommend for building a business
    sonkohassan recently posted…Starting a network marketing business online at a zero ($0) cost strategy has been launchedMy Profile

  10. Roman Deluna says:

    I concur on using a blog as part of your marketing strategy. It works great in the long term for building a consistent flow of targeted traffic to your opportunity. Thanks for this informative post.
    Roman Deluna recently posted…2 Business Changing Tools To Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next LevelMy Profile

  11. Great article!
    But .. what is the best education / online courses / training online / or books to get started? What will you recommend to me?
    Keep in mind I am from Bulgaria, and it has to be online or books ordered via Amazon!
    Here people work with their family, friends or colleagues.
    I want to work online!
    I am new, just started.

    • Lisa J says:

      Hi Dessy
      thanks so much for stopping by! The best education for online marketing strategies is with MLSP. Congrats for taking the first step to getting started.
      With gratitude

  12. dapo says:

    Nice post there.. What most network marketers still can’t figure out is what to promote online. The business or the products.

  13. Yes the online network marketing works, I am currently working with highly qualified online marketing tools for network marketing is being very satisfactory, the reach is global tools are in several languages and is actually being successful in mass.

    • sonia says:

      Hi I am currently working in the UK only with a network marketing company but I am also going to become involved with a different global networking business and would like to promote this online to get the global reach…Brawn can you advise on what tools you are using to expand online which also caters for language differences?
      sonia recently posted…News titleMy Profile

  14. Mariah says:

    I was looking for tips like the one you went through, glad that I found your site, I’ll put the information you put into practice.

    I am loving working with Network Marketing and I am getting my first results, I hope to improve more and more.

    Thank you so much for sharing this content, I loved it. :-)

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