Network Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you want to succeed in network marketing, there’s one thing you need to know:

MLM Mistakes and how to avoid themYou need to take it seriously, treat it like a business and be fully committed.

Network marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to start a business in your spare time and have the ability to reap incredible monetary rewards.


Why don’t more people succeed with MLM?

The majority of people who get started make mistakes that can easily be avoided.

And in today’s posts, I’m going to show the top network marketing mistakes and what to do instead so you can experience incredible success.

Top MLM Mistakes and What to Do Instead

We all make mistakes. It’s part of learning. When you understand the challenges of MLM and common mistakes, you can take steps to avoid them.

You want to experience success, don’t you? Let’s dig in.

Targeting the Wrong People

Traditionally in network marketing, your sponsor will instruct you to make a list of 100 people. You then contact all those people to share your MLM products, services and opportunity.

You will also be told to talk to anyone around you using something called the 3 foot rule. That means anyone standing within 3 feet of you.

Well, I’ve done all of it plenty of times!

Here’s the problem.

Most of those people have zero interest in your products or business. If it’s family and friends, they may be nice and buy something. But I don’t know anyone who built a six-figure business that way.

What to do instead:

Determine who your target market is. For example, if your network marketing product is some type of health shake that helps you lose weight, find people that would be very interested in learning more.

You can meet people in social media. There are tons of Facebook groups where people just talk about the challenges of weight loss and make product recommendations.

Once you zero in on your target audience, you will have an easier time marketing to them. They will be open to what you have to offer.

When you feel like quitting think about why you started

You Don’t Follow up with Prospects

One of the biggest lessons I learned about network marketing is the art of following up. The majority of people never follow up with people they shared their products with.

Not following up is a HUGE mistake!

Even if you have a legitimate prospect, the chances of them calling you back are slim to none. People are busy and have a lot going on. They may not be ready to make a decision right now or may need to think about it.

Either way, you lose if you don’t follow up.

What to do instead:

Before leaving that first meeting with a person, set up your next appointment with them so you can follow up.

You can also add them to your email list and send them interesting information or tips. The email is not meant to ask them over and over if they made a decision.

You want to be helpful, provide education, and be perceived as the go-to person.

You are Constantly Selling

In network marketing, we do sell.

But …

Are you one of those people who constantly posts stuff for sale in social media or always sends messages to people about the next best thing.

Take a clue. Imagine if you walked into a coffee shop, sat down and started telling a stranger about the great product you sell?

Well, guess what?

It’s the same thing in social media. This is the most common network market mistake I see. People constantly selling on their social media profiles.

It’s pretty insulting for someone to send me a message about an amazing weight loss product.

Obviously they didn’t bother to notice the fact that I live a healthy lifestyle and have no need for that product.

What to do instead:

Stop trying to do a hard sell. Be a person of integrity and start connecting with people. You can do that in a number of ways.

In online groups, be the most helpful person in group. Provide helpful information and get to know people. You will learn the needs and wants of people.

Be the person that others are attracted to.


These are three mistakes commonly made in network marketing. Avoid them no matter what! Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself if what you are currently doing would be attractive to you.

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Learn the top MLM mistakes, how to avoid them and what to do instead. Learn more.

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