Is Mobile App Monetization the New Personal Income Model?

Mobile App Monetization

Mobile App Monetization

Mobile app monetization is one of the most exciting opportunities to hit the global marketplace!

It makes sense because these days, people use mobile apps nearly more than desktop web browsing. With all that time spent by individuals, wouldn’t it be great if mobile app monetization was part of that usage for everyone?

The monetization of apps is nothing new. But until now, it’s been mostly limited to developers who create them. They are lots of ways for developers to profit from mobile apps.

What about you, the user of those apps? Here are some numbers that just might blow your mind.

Mobile App Monetization – Usage Statistics

According to the Flurry Blog (read here):  ”There are now over 1 billion active smartphones and tablets using apps around the world every month. And of all the apps consumers use, games command more than 40% of all time spent . Looking at revenue, games also dominate.”

When was the last time you left home without your mobile phone? With mobile app monetization, you could earn money for things you are already doing!

Do I have your attention?

Think about this? Everyone uses smart phones for communication. Not just talking – but sharing audio, text, video, and photos. It does not stop there. Everyone downloads and shares mobile apps through word of mouth marketing.

Who is earning money off the current mobile application monetization models? Not you!

Mobile App Monetization for Consumers

Do you want to be financially rewarded for using and sharing apps? The power of mobile app monetization is no longer limited to developers.

Now you, the consumer has the opportunity for monetary gain. There is an app for everything and revenue generation has many more options, including putting cash in the pocket of you, the consumer.

Mobile App rewards

Mobile App Monetization rewards

Imagine if you had a mobile app monetization model that is a communication tool, where you can talk to anyone around the world through the mobile app for free.

Think about everything you do on your phone. Imagine if you could get rewarded for it.

How did you hear about a good app? Most likely from a friend. So, the best mobile app monetization method is to download apps, refer friends, and then earn rewards.

Can you imagine having a personal income model through mobile app monetization?

Think about the micro-communities you have built on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Imagine if those people in your social media communities can share and sell products to each other through mobile apps?

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    Yes i agree with you that mobile mobile app monetization is one of the best opportunity for making a good income. That would be a great and easy source for everyone. I like it. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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