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MLM Sponsoring

MLM Sponsoring

MLM sponsoring is the lifeblood of any Internet marketers business. For true success in your network marketing business, you need to be a master sponsoring machine.

By making a few small changes you can change your life in a big way. Most network marketers do not take the time to master MLM sponsoring. Instead, they get really good at getting traffic to their websites and collecting lots of leads but that is where it ends.

If your MLM sponsoring skills are not where they should be, you need to learn a few secrets to network marketing recruiting. Working smarter, not harder is the key to MLM sponsoring success.

I have two great MLM marketing tips here for you. CLICK HERE to access more MLM sponsoring tips from my mentor.

How to Get Results with MLM Sponsoring

The best MLM sponsoring secrets are also the simplest. When it comes to network marketing recruiting, remember it’s not about you. It is all about the person you are recruiting.

If you are so busy blabbing about your great business and products, your network marketing recruiting leads will be totally turned off. Stop pitching and learn these simple skills to be the best at MLM sponsoring.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 1 – Mastering questions

When talking to MLM leads, questions make your life easier and put you in control. When I started using this MLM sponsoring tip, it was easier to recruit leads into my business.

Do you find yourself in a situation where a prospect starts asking you questions and you have no idea what to say? If you are backed up into a corner, you can easily take control by asking questions. Here’s a simple example of what to say: Would you be open to a side project if it did not interfere with what you are doing? If they say yes, ask them why.

Don’t settle for a single question. Dig deeper with your questions and find out why a person is open to a business. MLM sponsoring is concerned with learning more about their needs and desires instead of presenting your opportunity. Sounds different, doesn’t it? But these MLM sponsoring technique works! How is yours working?

Most people start network marketing recruiting by pitching instead of asking questions. You must find out what they need before you know if you have the solution to their problem.

If you get leads through an MLM marketing system, ask them: what has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business? If you get a lead that leaves a phone number, you need to call them. That is the first secret MLM sponsoring tip! So many people do not! That’s crazy! Call your leads.

MLM Sponsoring Tip 2 – Daily Routine

Are you working like crazy but not making progress in your home business? You need a daily task list that you can follow whether you work full or part-time on your business. If MLM sponsoring results are not what you want, then you need to change things up. Here are great check-list of things to do every day:

  • Create one piece of content daily (blog, video etc)
  • Study an Internet marketing strategy for 30 minutes per day
  • Work on personal development at least 15 minutes per day
  • Afformations – these are your big “Why” questions.
  • Meditation
  • Connect with 20 people per day, on- or off-line. Now I didn’t say pitch 20 people a day. Make the connection and get to know people. Become the problem solver for others and you will become a master of MLM sponsoring.

Building a profitable business means mastering MLM sponsoring. You must become an expert at network marketing recruiting because you need people on your team or you don’t have a business at all.

Click HERE to learn the necessary skills to improve your MLM sponsoring with a few changes.

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  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    I really love your idea about connecting with 20 people a day. I’m a machine at getting leads online, but it can be hard work to convert them into distributors. I do much better OFFLINE, believe it or not. There’s less competition and it’s easier to connect with someone when you can look them in the eyeballs! In either case, this was a great article about sponsoring online. Thanks for sharing.
    Chuck Holmes recently posted…Build Your MLM Downline by Having CompetitionsMy Profile

  2. Jason Lee says:

    The power of questions is absolutely huge, so awesome you pointed that out. Love the daily routine piece as well. I always like to start mine out with exercise to kick of the day on a high energy note. It amazes me that people don’t call their leads when they finally generate them, something you absolutely must do if you want to be a recruiting superstar. Awesome job with the blog Lisa!

  3. Jason Lee says:

    The daily routine is huge, committing to taking daily actionable steps is a key to success. I think time management is also crucial since most people that come into our industry are not very good at managing their clock. Thanks for the great article Lisa! Great blog you setup here.
    Jason Lee recently posted…TAN 006: How Solo Ads Can Supercharge Your Home Business with Igor Finkel – Jason LeeMy Profile

  4. Awesome points. I like the part about it’s not about you, it’s about your prospect. Most people talk too much, when listening is the magic formula. Questions reveal the core problems your prospect is facing. Thanks again.
    Erik Christian Johnson recently posted…How to Get Past First Year in Network MarketingMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Erik!
      You are right about listening being the magic formula. Sometimes people try to prospect me for one thing and another but they never ask about me and they just try to shove their products in my face. But they don’t even know if I need them.
      The funniest is people in skin care companies. They don’t bother asking me about me and I have serious sensitive skin and can’t use any products. I let them blab on and then tell them!

      You are right on about questions, which help you understand if you even have the solution for the prospect!
      Thanks again for your comment!

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