MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting

mlm prospecting

Need to get better with your MLM prospecting skills?

Network marketing success depends on your ability to find and talk to mlm opportunity seekers. Without mlm prospecting of some type, you don’t have a business, do you?

When I first got started in network marketing, I had no clue what to do or how to talk to prospects. The anxiety that came with picking up the phone to call a lead was so overwhelming, that sometimes I just didn’t do it!

No wonder my business didn’t go anywhere at the time!

It’s rare for anyone to naturally have the skills needed for effective mlm prospecting. Most of us have to invest time and money in learning. Even if you buy mlm leads, it is a waste if you don’t know how to talk to them. Believe me I used to spend way too much money on leads without proper mlm prospecting training.

I am thankful that I found an mlm prospecting system that not only teaches me highly effective skills, but helps me generate leads through an attraction marketing system.

MLM Prospecting – Techniques that Work

There are many ways to do network marketing prospecting. If you are having success with your MLM prospecting techniques, keep doing it! Here are three things that were important for me.

  • Overcome your Fears – Many people fail at MLM prospecting because they are uncomfortable and fearful to talk to people about their business. Maybe you are shy or have fear of rejection. In this profession, you will get more No’s than Yes. That is a fact. Work on your personal development to build your confidence. You need a strong personal foundation to build a strong profitable business. As you start overcoming your fears, you’ll get better at MLM prospecting.
  • Attract MLM Prospects – We are in the business of sharing our business or products with as many people as possible. Attraction marketing can help with that. I use an mlm marketing system that has proven to be the most effective MLM prospecting tool I ever used. With powerful step-by-step training, anyone can learn how to do this!
  • Social Media Marketing – With millions of people online, social media is an MLM prospecting paradise. Learning to leverage social networking can help you attract mlm prospects to you! I wasted so much time trying to figure it all out myself. I am thankful that I finally found an mlm prospecting system that covers it all!

To truly succeed with your home business, you need to do more MLM prospecting and get really good at it! My results from this proven MLM prospecting system bring me new leads every day! The only question I ask myself is why I waited so long!

If you are willing to put in the time, work, and consistency, you can do this too. If you are not willing to do that, then this system is definitely not for you.

Here’s another plus! In my primary business, my team and I use this very system for recruiting! It’s so cool that we are all using the same MLM prospecting tools!

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  1. Josh Parker says:

    Hey Lisa! Awesome article! You make some very good points in your article here. Overcoming fear is a big one for beginners, and is something that every single network marketer has faced at one point in their career. Practice is the best way to get over this fear, and eventually you will learn that the no’s are just part of doing business. I also agree that utilizing attraction marketing can make the process easier, as you are getting more qualified prospects that are seeking you out. Thanks for the great article!

  2. Amber Hinetekowhai says:

    You hit the nail on the head again – mlm prospecting is best prepared for with a strong personal foundation – which leads to the strong profitable business. Thanks for sharing this post:)

  3. Hey Lisa, excellent article. You share some fantastic tips. Attraction and Social Media Marketing opens up doors to a wide pool of individuals. Prospecting is a skill develop; most of us (definitely not me) aren’t born with it.
    Brandon Wells recently posted…Why Email Marketing is Vital to Your SuccessMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hey Brandon! Thank you for stopping by! I just followed you on Twitter my friend and look forward to more insights from you!

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