Making YouTube Videos

If you are just getting started with making YouTube videos or not having much success with your existing video marketing, these tips are for you.

Tips for Making YouTube Videos

The purpose of your videos is to attract attention, expose your brand, get leads and customers, grown your channel, create a community and much more.

I have 5 tips for making YouTube videos that will help keep your audience watching.

These 5 tips, keep in mind that YouTube heavily considers video watch-time for ranking your videos in search.

This means that if a viewer leaves your video in the first 10 seconds, your video will not do well being discovered in search. In fact, if you have low watch-times, your videos will likely be penalized in search results.

Keep people watching as long as possible!

Video – 5 Tips for Making YouTube Videos

Creating YouTube Videos that Get Results

1 – Best Camera to Use

The best camera to use is the one you have. If you are spending your time and money on the best new camera, microphone and lighting but have not focused on creating video content that keeps viewers watching, then it’s a waste.

2 – What is the Purpose of your Video?

Making a video for the sake of making it won’t cut it. What is the purpose of your video. If you don’t know the answer, then rethink it. Who is your target audience? Identify the needs of those people and provide a solution through your video content.

3 – Keep Videos Short and to the Point

Keep your videos to 3 or 4 minutes. If you find yourself rambling on and on, you will lose your viewers Get to the point and only say what is necessary to get your point across and not a word more.

4 – Dive Right into the Content. Skip the long introductions.

Long introductions typically take up 15 to 30 seconds or more at the start of a video. Most viewers drop off in the first 8 to 15 seconds. Can you guess why? Skip the introductions and dive right into your content. Let viewers know from the start what value they’ll get from watching your video.

5 – Close with a Call to Action

Now that you went through all that work to make a video, what do you want users to do? A call to action can share more information about your channel, other videos, additional websites, optin to your email list, or some other request that’s aligned with your business goals.

Those are your 5 tips for making YouTube videos that get results. What are your best tips for youtube videos? Share in the comments below along with your questions.

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  1. Lynda Kenny says:

    Great Tips Lisa on making videos. Clear and concise and simple for anyone to follow and understand.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…The Exciting Frontier Of Professional BloggingMy Profile

  2. Ron Deering says:

    Love your videos Lisa…. you are so real and always give such great content….would love to know how you put together the last part of your videos with that great call to action….
    Love number 3 – keep it short…. I know my attention span these days is short and I want people to get to the point and don’t ramble… great post and thanks for sharing….!
    Ron Deering recently posted…Are You Morally and Ethically Bankrupt?My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hey Ron! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.
      Glad that you enjoy the content. I try to just be “me” in my videos.
      I find using a script helps a lot to avoid rambling. You don’t necessarily have to read it. Having a script helps me stay on point and focused, instead of going off topic or thinking on camera.
      Most people have a short attention span these day – ADD – and they want the information, without the rambling.
      Do you mean the end card with links to other videos? Here’s a video I made on how to do it. Let me know what you think!


  3. Great video tips Lisa! I really like your suggestion about using the camera you already have. I fell into this trap before thinking I needed all this fancy stuff to make a video when in fact my cell phone camera was more than enough! Thanks for sharing this helpful post!
    Dereco Cherry recently posted…Easy Time Management For EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thank you Dereco.
      Your videos are great with your cell phone camera!
      I hear many people who plan to “up their game” by buying the latest microphone or camera, and yet they haven’t even learned how to create focused content that will help their audience or keep a viewer watching their video.
      Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Lisa,
    Just love these YouTube tips!!! Thanks for sharing as I am bookmarking so when I am ready to get back into video marketing, I will have YOUR awesome post to use as a checklist!

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips :)
    Joan Harrington recently posted…How To Create Compelling ContentMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Joan! I appreciate you stopping by. Be sure to let me know when you jump back into video marketing. Would love to check out your channel!
      The sooner you do that the better. If you repurpose your blog content into video, and then embed the video in your blog post, you will appeal to and gain a whole new audience – some like to read, others prefer video.
      Have a great day!

  5. Jose Lopez says:

    Lisa as always, your great content is always up lifting and always straight to the point with no fluff or fillers. I wish other content creator took your example when it comes to delivery useful tips and tricks to make any business leap forward into profit zone!

    I’m hooked to your powerful content.
    Jose Lopez recently posted…The Importance of Internet Video in AdvertisingMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Jose! Always enjoy your visits to the blog! Thank you so much! I noticed that when I am looking for information on YouTube, I come across lots of videos with fluff filler, but not the information I wanted in the first place.
      My goal is to provide the information to those who are looking for it!
      I appreciate you stopping by and participating here!
      Have a super weekend.

  6. Elvia Bravo says:

    Lisa, once again your content is filled with simple steps to follow. I appreciate how down to earth you are in your delivery. How do you overcome insecurity hair, makeup and weight to be more specific?

    Thank you, Elvia
    Elvia Bravo recently posted…The Truths Behind Attraction MarketingMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thank you Eliva! I always appreciate your comments!
      You ask as great question. I mostly just try to be myself in front of the camera. So what you see, is just me.
      As for insecurities – it took time to overcome that. But I realize that the value of the content is the most important thing I am delivering, not my hair or makeup.
      If my content can help just one person, that’s all that matters.
      Just be yourself and feel good about who you are as well as your appearance. If you have a valuable message to deliver to your audience, that is what the focus of your video will be.
      Have an amazing weekend.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Great post on “The Five Tips For Making Utube Videos”. I don’t have a video camera at the moment but am planning on getting one soon. You made this video short, sweet and right to the point. No fluff, the real you.

    What I learned from you today is to keep videos short and right to the point. Provide your targeted audience a solution to there problems. Get your point across as quickly as possible. Make your content short and sweet while giving massive value. Let your viewers know what to expect to get from your content and a call to action by letting them know exactly what you want them to do.

    You have accomplished all these tips in your video.

    Thank you for sharing, Lisa and you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Importance of Blog CommentingMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Linda!
      I appreciate you leaving a comment.

      Thanks for your feedback as well. I try my best to stay on point with videos. In today’s busy world, people want information fast! I have found myself fastforwarding through many videos with too much fluffiness.

      I look forward to your getting going with your video marketing. Let me know if I can help!

      Have a great week and a happy September!


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