How to Make More Money in your Home Business

Make More Money

Make More Money

Still struggling to make more money in your online marketing business? You can always cut back on your spending, which I’ve seen many people do lately. Or, you can just decide that you will make more money and stick to a plan to make it happen.

To make more money, it’s imperative that you provide value to people. That means that you are helping others in some way.

Most people make the mistake of focusing on the end result, which is to make more money. What they are missing is the part in-between – that is to provide value and be a problem solver to those who need it.

I realize this may be a new concept to you. Especially if you are out there pitching your business every chance you get. How’s that going for you? Did you make more money? Probably not or you would not be here.

Think about this next time you consider how can make more money: How many people thanked you for being helpful or providing value that impacted their lives?

If the answer is none, then you need to look at shifting your thinking or you may be spinning your wheels and never make more money in your home business.

Make More Money by Providing Value and Solutions

You must first understand this concept to start benefiting from it. When you provide value to others, they will like and trust you. You are providing solutions to their problems!

You will also attract people who believe what you believe. This is when you start to make more money from home. The key is the when you provide value money is the by-product of that!

It takes time, consistency and commitment on your part. I meet too many people who chase every make more money scheme out there. And guess what? After years of spending their energy chasing every magic bullet out there, they have nothing.

What is the magic bullet to make more money today? It’s called hard work and providing value to solve other people’s problems.

It’s time to revisit your vision for your life and how you will make it a reality. If your mind is not in the right place to provide value instead of only pitching stuff, personal development is a great way to start.

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  1. Great post Lisa. You really nailed it here. The thing that is really sad about this is most people are just doing what they are taught. Lack of real leadership & training is a big problem. Give value & solve problems, you said it all there.

    Ron C Stewart recently posted…What Is MLM or Multi-Level Marketing?My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Ron! Appreciate you stopping by. Giving value is the most important lesson for all to learn.
      Wishing you all the best success!

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