How to Make Money on the Internet

Making Money on the InternetStill struggling to make money on the Internet? Maybe you are even losing money by doing the wrong things on the Internet.

A lot of people do not make money on Internet. I talk to a lot of people each week and here is the biggest why they do not make money on the Internet. They do not want to spend the money on expert training to learn various online marketing strategies.

Here is what they do instead — I will use the example of blog content marketing because that is how I succeed with Internet marketing. However you can use this example for any online marketing strategy that you are using.

Let’s say you want to do blog content marketing to make money on Internet but don’t want to spend any money for training. You think that you will find all the free information to learn how to do blog content marketing.

Let’s say that your time is worth $50 per hour and you spend 20 hours searching on the Internet for information to make money on Internet through blogging or some other marketing strategy.

$50 x 20 hours of your time is $1000 worth of your time. That is what it cost you to find all this Internet marketing information and you don’t even know if it is a proven make money on the Internet method.

Let’s take it a step further. If you now take your time to write 10 blog posts based on the free training that you spend all that time looking for, that’s another 10 hours or so of your time which translates to another $500 worth of your time.
If the Internet training information that you found here and there is not effective or proven, well you just wasted over $1500 of your time and energy going down dead ends that will not make money on Internet.

Make Money on the Internet – Why are you letting being so cheap keep you broke?

On the other hand, if you purchase training that is proven and effective, let’s see how this money making equation works. For just $49 you can purchase an expert training from a proven industry leader. You will spend 3 hours going through training so you can make money on Internet.

That is about $200 worth of your time and money. Now, when you move forward with your Internet marketing, you will have learned how to do it the right way. You will be more effective because you spent your time and money on Internet training that actually works to make money on Internet.

Based on those two scenarios which one sounds better to you?

Stop wasting your time on things that do not work to make money on Internet.

Here are proven effective Internet marketing trainings:

Posting on Purpose for Profit (content marketing)

Video Traffic Academy (video marketing):


Check these out!


  1. Larry Lewis says:

    I definitely agree that everyone needs to find a mentor or coach who can provide the knowledge in their fields of expertise. This is particularly the case for those wanting to make money on line. I find it incredibly sad how many people try for years to succeed in making a profitable on line business but fail. The answers are there for them, but they have to ensure they find someone who genuinely makes a good income for themselves online, and my suggestion is make sure this isn’t just through teaching others to make money online.
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  2. huypham says:

    Hi, Lisa J. I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.
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