Learn About the New YouTube Comments System

Have you noticed the new YouTube comments changes? Starting now, comments on YouTube are sorted by people you care about first. There are also some new tools for you moderate conversations on your YouTube videos.

New YouTube Comments rolled outSo who are those people you care about whose YouTube comments will float to the top? These are your Google+ friends, other engaged commenters and personalities who are well-known on YouTube. You still have the option to change the YouTube comments sorting from top comments to newest first.

Since your YouTube channel is connected to your Google Plus profile (you did that right?), you can join the YouTube comments conversation publically or privately. It’s very similar to the way you post information on Google Plus. The conversation is either private to a chosen few, public to everyone, or specific to certain Circles in G+.

If you are the video maker, you will have the ability to moderate YouTube comments more efficiently with new tools.

YouTube Comments System Round Up

There has been so much chatter on the Internet about the new YouTube comments, I thought a roundup was appropriate!

Mark Traphagen shares his post: Google+ Comments for YouTube Launching Today

Just heard from a reliable source that the new comment system on YouTube that requires your YouTube account to be connected to a Google+ account in order to comment is going into effect today. While you need a G+ account, you do not need to use your G+ account name on your comments.

Derek Ross posts: Google+ Comments show up in latest YouTube app for Android

Earlier today, Google announced that the new Google+ commenting system would be rolling out to YouTube users, replacing the old commenting system. What they didn’t announce was that the new Google+ powered commenting system would be coming to the latest version of the Android app so quickly.

Martin Shervington has been exploring the new system – he shares his insights:

Bobbi Jo Woods did some experiments with the new YouTube Comments:
If you remove your “comment” on YouTube, it removes your G+ post.

If you’ve not yet connected your YouTube account to your Google+ profile or page, what are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE to learn more about the new YouTube Comments system or HERE to learn how to connect your accounts.

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