Interview – How To Create An Internet Brand Using Blogging & YouTube

Interviewed by Jason LeeRecently, I was invited to be interviewed by Jason Lee of

Each week on Tuesday and Friday he hosts a value-driven podcast called, Unleashing The Alpha Networker Podcast.

Jason interviews a variety of experts in networking and online marketing, as well as home business tips. The information on his website is top notch! Click here to check it out if you want to learn how to be a rock star in your MLM business!

On his website, you’ll also find a wealth of information in articles that dig deep into helping you succeed.

I was so excited to be interviewed by Jason! It was a lot of fun to share my story about how I went from a 6-figure corporate job to full-time online marketer!

Thanks so much to Jason Lee! Be sure to visit his website here.

How To Create An Internet Brand That Generates Leads Using Blogging & YouTube

Listen to my interview below.


If you have questions or comments, please do share in the comments below!


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  1. Nancy Loehr says:

    How exciting to be interviewed Lisa! Certainly does something for professional credibility! Creating a brand is the way to go. Thanks for the value.
    Nancy Loehr recently posted…Are You Overwhelmed? Here’s How To Overcome OverwhelmMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Nancy! It was funand exciting for me. Jason is an amazing Internet marketer as well so I was able to learn a lot during our pre-interview chat.

  2. Jason Lee says:

    Lisa, it was such a blast having you on the show, thanks so much for adding so much value to Alpha Nation! We’re all in this together, glad we could lock arms!
    Jason Lee recently posted…TAN 051: How To Create An Internet Brand That Generates Leads Using Blogging & YouTube with Lisa Jahred – Jason LeeMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Jason! So glad we got to meet and lock arms!
      It’s always wonderful to meet another amazing online marketer like yourself.

      I love your podcasts! They offer so much value to the community and I was happy to be part of that.


  3. Ron Deering says:

    Wow what a great interview Lisa… how exciting to be ask to be interviewed and what a great job full of value. Thanks for sharing this with us….
    Ron Deering recently posted…3 Fatal MLM Recruiting Mistakes and How To Correct ThemMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Ron! It was sure fun and exciting. Also had a chance to learn lots of cool marketing tips from Jason! Be sure to check out his website!

  4. Steve Krivda says:

    That’s so awesome Lisa. Congrats!!!
    Steve Krivda recently posted…Multiple Streams of Income – My TakeMy Profile

  5. Don Shan says:

    Love what you said about believing in yourself and staying the course. And having the mindset to continue blogging UNTIL you start making money.
    Great interview!

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Don! I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Belief in what you are doing is really the most important because this is why people give up. They let other’s influence them into second-guessing themselves and eventually the dream becomes a memory of something they once wanted to pursue. Do it UNTIL!
      Have a great day!

  6. Elvia Bravo says:

    Lisa, congrats on being asked to be interviewed. I appreciate your inspiring story of success. Thank you for your example.
    Elvia Bravo recently posted…Life Changes with a DecisionMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thank you so much Elvia. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the interview. Being an entrepreneur is easy but it’s so worth it! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Stephen says:

    Really great value given during your interview. Thanks for taking the time to be on the podcast and congrats on growing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    Stephen recently posted…Why a Home Business and Why NowMy Profile

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