Instagram Marketing

Should you use Instagram marketing to boost your network marketing business? It is a big decision because once you put a strategy in place you’ll need to maintain it.

Instagram Marketing

In network marketing, find new people to share your business and products is essential to your success. If you are already using some social media like Twitter or Facebook, you may wonder why you should add Instagram marketing to help build your MLM.

Visual messaging has become a favorite sharing method among users. People love to look at images and you’ll likely get more viewers than if you just write up some text with no image.

That’s what makes Instagram so appealing for network marketers. If you want to boost your business, Instagram is the way to do it.

Why Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a casual social media platform where you can share easily share photos of your lifestyle, your business, products, beautiful thing, stuff you like and on and on.

Your audience is on Instagram and you need to be too! By staying in front of people on social networks, you can keep peaking people’s interest. Check out what’s happening on Instagram social network.

  • 200 Million active monthly users
  • 70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day
  • 200 Billion posts
  • 60 Million photos posted daily
  • 7.3 Million daily users
  • Owned by Facebook

3 Instagram Marketing Tips

  • Use hashtags. People search on Instagram hashtags all the time. By using them, your posts become visible to people who would not otherwise see your Instagram posts. Don’t overdo it with your hashtags. Stick with 4 to 7 hashtags for best results. Remember, you want focus your marketing to your niche.
  • Setup your Instagram bio. Your bio can be 150 characters so make it count! What it is that you do? Who are you and why should people be interested in you?
  • Use Instagram apps. There are so many cool apps that you can use for Instagram marketing! The basic apps you need are those that make a collage from your mobile phone photos and those that allow you type text over a photo. Here’s your apps: InsText, Moldiv, and Jusgramm.

I hope you got some value from these tips!

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    Okay, I’ll come clean. As an advertising photographer for 30 years, I still have not taken to Instagram. Don’t ask, I haven’t figured it out myself. lol

    Thanks to your post I will finally dive in. I’m thinking your free Instagram marketing for MLM training is just what I need!

    Thanks for the great post as usual!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted…Is Boost Promoting Your Facebook Page or Post a Waste of Money?My Profile

    • Hey Richard! What? An awesome photographer like you and no Instagram? We definitely need to change that!Take the free training, it’s well worth your time.

      Best always

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