How to Increase Sales with a Powerful Call to Action

A powerful call to action is the most important part of your message. Whether your message is a blog post, video, social media post, or email auto-responder.

You may have the best content with valuable information, but if it’s missing a call to action, you won’t get much leverage out of it in terms of sales, leads, or follows.

How to Increase Sales with a Powerful Call to Action

So what is this call to action all about? It’s very simple. You must tell your visitor what you want them to do.

Your call to action will lead to higher conversions. A conversion means that you are converting a visitor to a paying customer, subscriber, follower, or business partner.

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Creating a Powerful Call to Action

Here are your tips to creating a powerful call to action in your marketing content:

  • Create Urgency. Being lackadaisical in your call to action won’t get your visitors to react. This means your call to action would be something like: “Contact me anytime.” A more urgent call to action would be like this: “Contact me now” “Buy Now” “Pin it”. You can also put a deadline on it like this: “Order by January 31 and get a free gift.”
  • What are the needs of your audience? By understanding the needs of your market, you will understand your offer. This works because you must know why you’re the marketplace wants your product or service. It’s all about solving people’s problems. You have a problem converting your blog visitors to customer and I have a solution! Give your audience a reason to take action.
  • Non-sales call to action. I know you want to sell but not every call to action has to be about sales. In today’s world, we must build relationships with people in multiple ways, including social media. You can ask your visitors to connect on Facebook or other social media or subscribe to your email list.
  • Put thought into what you want your visitor to do. Before you write your blog post, create your video or send an email, determine what you want the person on the other end to do. Then you can create your content around the action you want your visitor to take.

Creating a call to action in your content is easy once you understand how.

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