6 Ways to Improve Personal Development for Success

Do you associate entrepreneurial success with personal development? You may be surprised to learn they go hand-in-hand.

As an entrepreneur, we must continuously learn in order to grow personally.

Improve self development

Have you ever heard that in order to improve your net worth, you must improve your personal worth?

Self-improvement is the foundation shared by every successful entrepreneur. By learning to improve personal development, you can build upon that foundation.

So, how do you improve personal development? You do more of it!

Here are six ways to the resources you can use to make it happen:

1 – Read Personal Development Books

By reading personal development books daily, you will strengthen and better yourself. One of the best ways to learn is from the success of others. Become the best version of you and master the skills you need to rocket toward your leadership goals.

Here are some of my favorite books to improve personal development:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – Based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default.

How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell – Gather successful people from all walks of life-what would they have in common? The way they think!

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action By Simon Sinek –  This book is for anyone who wants to inspire others, and anyone who want to find someone to inspire them.

The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace D. Wattles - Wallace D. Wattles introduced the world to the power of positive thinking. Transform your mind and your life.

2 – Read Great Blogs

Have you noticed how many blogs are out there? Now most of them won’t apply to improving personal development but there’s a few great ones out there.

I love Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro blog. He’s always shares wonderful insights.

I also recommend the blog of Tony Robbins where you can learn self-improvement skills on a variety of topics.

Of course you don’t want to waste time with blogs that won’t contribute to your success so identify those that are worthwhile and keep updated.

3 – Attend Conferences

Have you attended any great conferences lately? Conferences are packed full of information from multiple successful leaders. What I love about attending conferences is the awesome, like-minded people I meet too!

You can check out successful leaders like Eric Worre, Les Brown and Jack Canfield to see their conference schedules around the country.

If you can’t get to one, I highly recommend the TED Talks. There you’ll find a seemingly endless supply of powerful talks.

4 – Listen to Podcasts

With easy accessibility, you can get valuable insights from incredible leaders through podcasts. These are available to listen on various devices making Podcasts a convenient way to learn.

With podcasting from some of the industry’s top leaders, you can’t go wrong. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • John Lee Dumas’ “Entrepreneur on Fire,”
  • Michael Hyatt’s “This is Your Life,”
  • Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness.”

5 – Attend Online Courses

Online courses are another fabulous way to gain information from top leaders in business. Usually online personal development courses are hosted as live webinars and recorded for viewing at any time.

Jim rohn quote

How easy is that?

They are not free most of the time but worthy of your investment, especially because they will help you improve personal development skills.

Whatever we do in life requires an investment but the rewards can be amazing!

6 – Hire a Personal Development Coach

Have you considered hiring a coach to help you level up in your life and business?

I know, you are thinking: That sounds expensive.

It may be. But remember that any money we spend on improving personal development is actually an investment in our future. Coaches can help you see things and areas for improvement in your life and business that you cannot.

Most of the time you can get a free 15 minute session to discover if a particular coach is a good fit for you.


Improving personal development requires effort and some type investment, whether it be time, money or both.

I’ve given you 6 sources where you can find personal development information but you are the one who must make it happen.

Becoming the very best version of you will put you on the road to success.

Make it happen.

What are some of the ways you incorporate personal development into your daily schedule?

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Lisa. I agree that personal development is an essential part to creating success. I have found that my business is limited by how big my vision of it is, so I have to read and work on my head to allow me to create a bigger vision for myself. Books are my favorite. I like Wattles, and Napoleon Hill is another obvious choice. Neville Goddard is one of my favorites. I will sometimes listen to audio programs. Blog posts are another good choice.

    Thanks for sharing your post.
    Ben recently posted…How Important Is It to Get Enough Sleep?My Profile

  2. sonkohassan says:

    Reading is the source of wisdom and anyone who wants to succeed in any business has to read because what we are going through other people went through them already and they handled the situation so, we have to read and find out how they solved their problems.
    Thank you for sharing with us this info

  3. Hi Lisa,

    My apologies for recent absence from your blog but what a great post to come back to. I’m definitely no personal development expert but the very need for all of us to continue our skills development is just so vital to our success both online and offline – in fact in life!

    Totally agree with your selection of great books to read – in fact John Maxwell is a personal favourite of mine.

    Many thanks for the podcast references as I had not listened to any of Michael Hyatt’s broadcasts before.

    Podcasts are great for me and my personal growth medicine! I usually listen to them first thing in the morning whilst doing my exercises before the burning hot Thai sun gets up!

    Thanks as always for sharing your experiences and expertise Lisa – awesome

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Course vs Self LearningMy Profile

  4. Hi Lisa,
    My sincere apologies and excuse me as I’m showing my age here but I thought I had already commented on this post.

    But obviously I’m wrong.

    Personal development is really an integral part of success but its also something I’ve neglected in recent months so thanks for the important reminder Lisa.

    I’ve actually used all 6 of the options you mentioned in the past but my favourites are attending conferences, podcasts and visiting great blogs.

    Many thanks for the great book reference list you provided – that is awesome.

    Not investing in yourself reminds me of the old wood cutter story where on the first day he cut down 15 trees but by the 3rd day, despite his best efforts, he could only cut down 5 tress.

    When asked why he didn’t take the time to sharpen his axe, the old wood cutter replied he was too busy cutting down tress to make time to sharpen his axe.

    Lets hope we always make time to “sharpen our skills” – and yes I’ll get right back onto that now I’m been so gently reminded. Thank you Lisa

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…7 Awesome Ways To Get More Blog Post CommentsMy Profile

  5. Aravinth says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Nice article. Personal development is much needed for everyone to attain success. The points stated in this article are very much useful who wish to improve their personality.

    I have followed some of the things that you mentioned and makes a difference in me.

    thank you.
    Aravinth recently posted…Torrent Tracker ListMy Profile

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