How to Cure Analysis Paralysis

How to Cure Analysis Paralysis

How to Cure Analysis Paralysis

Stuck in your home business? You may need a cure for analysis paralysis. Many people in the home-based industry suffer from this disease and it spreads like wildfire! Stop the madness now!

There are a few simple tasks you need to do in order to find success in MLM. The problem is that you may be so overwhelmed by information that you do absolutely nothing.

Sound familiar? If so, you need the “cure for analysis paralysis”. Do not get caught up in this epidemic. Your business will go nowhere.

You are not alone. The majority of home-based entrepreneurs have a knack for staying busy but getting nothing done, just like you. I’ve been there too!

If you are ready to create the necessary actions to succeed in your MLM business, read on. If not, you should leave immediately and keep doing what you are doing.

Cure Analysis Paralysis by Taking Action

If you find yourself overwhelmed, unable to find or talk to prospects, make a decision or even panics, you are on the path to nowhere. Let’s fix that!

Here are four simple tips to cure analysis paralysis:

  • You do not have to know everything. When you first started your network marketing business, you probably started learning everything about the products, compensation plan, back office and more! Yikes! It’s overwhelming and completely unnecessary. Knowing every detail about each product will not help you talk to your prospects. Remember, if you get asked a question you can’t answer, just defer it. It’s a great chance to follow-up with a prospect! And don’t worry about the details of the compensation plan. Here’s how I look at it. If you do the daily actionable tasks that you should be doing, the compensation plan will work itself out for you!
  • Cure Analysis ParalysisUse a step-by-step blueprint. Most network marketing companies have a blueprint or get started guide that you review with your sponsor within 48 hours after you start. There are simple action items that are easy to do. They are also easy not to do. Make sure you stick with that plan and do it! Your company has provided you with a system for success. Follow it!
  • Be productive and not busy. I could write a book on this one! You may think you are busy but if you don’t see results, think again. Ask yourself this question: “If my team did what I did today, would everyone make any money?” You should be finding and talking to at least 2 people a day about your products or opportunity. You are the only one who can your cure analysis paralysis!
  • Learn and do. Let’s face it learning is an important part of our home-based business. This is where people get stuck. They spend the entire time learning and working on personal development but that’s where it stops. Do this instead. Learn a little, take action. Learn some more, take action. In other words, put what you learn into action, that is the only way you will truly understand it.

The only way to cure analysis paralysis is to cultivate new productive habits into your life. Do a little bit each day and be consistent. If you find yourself being busy but getting nothing done, just STOP! The real cure is to take action.

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