Will Google’s Domain Clustering Update Affect Empower Network?

Will Google's Penguin Update Affect Empower Network?

Will Google’s Penguin Update Affect Empower Network?

Recently, Matt Cutts of Google announced changes for the next generation of Penguin. At the same time I noticed that Empower Network web pages were greatly reduced in the Google search results.

In my opinion, this is a direct result of Google’s change to domain clustering. Keep in mind that there was no mention of Empower Network being targeted by Google. These are my thoughts about it and since many people have asked questions, I want to address it here.

What is Domain Clustering and Why Would Empower Network Be Affected?

Have you ever performed a keyword search only to find multiple results from a single domain? They may be different articles centered around a keyword phrase but all from a specific domain.

This can happen with any website. With my own website, I have seen multiple pages in the search results. With a domain like Empower Network, I frequently saw multiple listings from that domain in the search results.

That is called domain clustering or host crowding.

I know that users of Empower Network blog enjoyed dominating the search results for a long time. This was always one of their big selling points.

Whether it was Empower Network or any other domain, users of Google complained loudly about domain clustering because they wanted to see more variety in the search results.

That makes sense. Users do not want to page forward again and again to find information from a different domain. That is why Google’s latest update fixes all that by minimizing the real estate of a single domain.

Google’s Penguin 2.0 – More Variety in Search Results

Already being implemented, Google now show a more diverse listing in the search results. Previously, where Empower Network dominated many keyword searches, there is now one or maybe two listings from that domain.

You can listen to what Matt Cutt has to say in his recent video:

As this new Penguin update continues to be refined, what will happen to all those Empower Network articles? How much will their traffic be affected by Google’s domain clustering crackdown? Going forward, we will be seeing more variety of results in search.

Were you affected by Google’s new algorithm change for host crowding?

When I started my blog last year, I chose to host it on my own domain and brand myself. That gave me more control over what happens in the search results. I would have hated to work so hard only to have my results squeezed out due to Google’s new domain clustering Penguin update.

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  1. Josh Parker says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I think the latest update is a good one. Google is all about user experience now, and having one domain dominating the SERP’s like that was not good user experience. Sounds like all the EN folks will have to find a better long term solution, ,like the one you mention above. Great information here, thanks for sharing!

  2. Greg Nunan says:

    Hey Lisa. Timely article. I have a number of friends involved with Empower Network and on the whole I think EN has merits. Not having control over a domain was something I considered a big risk and always advised people to do as you did an control your own destiny with a personal domain. The smart EN affiliates will have done the same but it will certainly be interesting to watch how the company as a whole moves ahead and keeps adapting – there are some smart IM heads in there.
    Greg Nunan recently posted…Penguin 2.0 Impact Australia: The Part-Time Internet Marketers No Bullsh#t GuideMy Profile

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