Why Google Plus for Social Networking?

Google Plus for Social Networking

Google Plus for Social Networking

If you have not considered Google Plus for social networking, it’s time you change that!

According to the Global Web Index, Google Plus now has 343 million users, bumping Twitter out of position and capturing the number two social platform position.

What makes Google Plus for social networking so special? Think about your other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. These social networks are closed. In other words, your reach does not go beyond those individual social networks.

Google Plus for social networking changes all that. Your social impact goes way beyond just Google’s new social site. With the integration of Google’s products and services, your Google social media network  profile is followed on all of them. You can’t get that type of exposure with any other social network.

This platform is a power social network for your personal or business marketing strategy and your content marketing.

According to Mike Elgan, “Google has “integrated” a dozen more major products into Google+, turning them into de facto features.”

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it’s Google’s version of Facebook. That is simply not true.

He further explains the Google Plus vs Facebook debate with powerful clarification. “Google+ by itself looks like no match for Facebook. But the integrated combination of every Google tool is far better and far more compelling than just Facebook — and collectively those tools already have far more users. And that’s where Google is headed.”

Google Plus vs Facebook

Google Plus vs Facebook

You can’t ignore this statistic. Google owns over 70% of the search market so it’s in your best interest to get onboard. Go Plus yourself and open a Google+ social page!

With staggering numbers like that and the integration of multiple features, you can benefit from both referral and search traffic for your website.

Google Plus for Social Networking – Tips You Can Use Now

  • Share direct from search results to Google Plus – In Google search results, see a small down triangle to the right of the URL. Click it to view the Google Plus share option and start sharing.
  • Get link juice from Google Plus – If you paste link into your Google Plus social network, it will be a nofollow link attribute. Instead, click the add link icon and paste the URL in the field. It will then be a dofollow link attribute.
  • Stand out in search results – If you post a link in Google Plus, you benefit because the people in your Google + circles will see it first if they perform a search on the topic. They also must be logged into their account.
  • Being anonymous is not a good thing – According to Google Chairman, author of The New Digital Age: “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

There you go. There are many more proven reasons why Google Plus for social networking is the direction you should be going. I hope these 4 tips gave you a good basis for getting over there to build your Google social network and take advantage of full integration features.

What are your thoughts about Google Plus for social networking? Please share and leave a comment.

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  1. You’re so right Lisa,
    Google+ is far more powerful than a lot of people think. Especially for those who have YouTube accounts along with all the other G services.

    It’s interesting that when you do a search in google for any keyword, the results will list how many people are in the authors Google+ circles. I’m not sure but I do believe that has an effect on page ranking too.

    Thanks for the tip on using the link icon instead of just pasting in a link, I wasn’t aware of that! Great info as always!

    Richard Petrillo recently posted…MLM Success Tips For Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Richard! Thanks for your comment and tips. Great point about how it shows how many Plus’ers in the author circle! I better get my authorship done right away!

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