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Google Plus MarketingAre you still trying to figure out Google Plus marketing for your business? With so many social networks to choose from, you may have overlooked the power of marketing on Google Plus.

According to Business Insider, Google Plus social network has over 359 million users. That and the features that have come along with this growth make Google Plus marketing a key strategy for any business.

If you are a frequent user of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you are in for a real treat with Google Plus! It’s definitely a different user experience that I’ve come to enjoy very much. I hope you will too!

Google Plus Marketing – 5 Tips for Beginners

I put together five simple tips to get you started with Google Plus marketing for business. There is much more to being an effective marketer on Google Plus but these are a good foundation.

Personal URL. The Google Plus URL is very long and complicated. For a more effective Google Plus marketing strategy, get a custom URL to help with your online brand. Visit this website: and create a URL that is simple, yet unique. Mine is, let’s connect.

Setup your profile. Let the world know who you are. Creating your Google Plus profile is an important component of your marketing strategy. Be sure to include a friendly photo of yourself and fill out the information in the various profile sections. Choose an interesting cover photo too. Your Google Plus profile should give someone a good idea of who you are and what the mission of your business is. When people have a photo of something other than themselves and no information in their profile, I typically don’t add them to my Google Plus Circles. Be interesting so others want to add you to their Circles, that is the first step to building relationships.

Participate in Hangouts. Google Plus hangouts can be video or a chat window. When you participate in or host a hangout, people can get to know you and the value you have to offer.

+1, Share and Comment on posts. This is key step to building relationships and letting people know who you are. Make interesting comments on other people’s post or share their post in your own Google Plus stream. Be sure to give the original poster credit by 1+’ing them in your share. If you truly want to get good at Google Plus marketing, stay away from one word comments. They are a waste of time. Say something interesting, supportive, unique, or memorable.

Use the new Google Plus embedded post feature. This new feature is a great way to boost marketing on Google Plus. If you have a website, you can embed your own or others people’s Google Plus posts into your blog post. This will help expand your circle of influence.

I hope you enjoyed these tips about Google Plus marketing for your business. Let’s connect – CLICK HERE to add me to your Circles. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Google+ for marketing.

Learn how to engage and provide value to others, whether you are using Google Plus marketing or other social networks. CLICK HERE for access to a video that shows you how.

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  1. Qasim says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Google+ is one of the important social networks because Goolge the search engine giant owns it. At the beginning using Google+ was very confusing and business wasn’t serious about it, but Google+ is a must and every business should learn how to use. Thank you so much for sharing this simple guide for business.
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