Free Network Marketing Leads

Free network marketing leadsStruggling to find free network marketing leads? To have a successful MLM business, you need people.

Every top leader in our profession adds leads to their list every day so they never run out.
If you think that your circle of friends and family are your free network marketing leads you are mistaken.

You cannot build a six- or seven-figure income from your current warm market.
What you need is more prospects than you can ever reasonable contact then you will never run out!

So, how do you generate free leads for your network marketing business? Most people come into this profession not knowing how to do that.

How to Add Free Network Marketing Leads to Your List

Learning to generate free network marketing leads is not hard once you know how. But the most important thing is your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

Remember, if you want that six-figure income, you need to do six-figure income activities.

Here are your network marketing tips to get leads:

  1. Network on purpose. That is what the professionals do. If you don’t get out and meet new people, how will you ever get free network marketing leads? There are tons of ways to meet people. At the grocery store, smile and talk to people. Do volunteer work. Join a gym. Participate in activities in your community. People are everywhere, you just need to get out there and meet some of them. Remember, you have the solution to people’s problems. Now go solve some!
  2. Social media. Pay more attention to what is happening in social media. Start commenting more than you post. Be helpful to others. Raise your awareness of what people are talking about. People are always posting about their problems in social media: not enough money, need to lose weight, wants better skin, hates their job and so on. Pay attention – you have the solution. By commenting and injecting yourself into conversations online, you can easily add 2 free network marketing leads to your list every day. If you do that consistently 6 days a week you will have added 624 new people to your list in a year. Sound good?

Whether you meet people in the real world or on social media, build a relationship with them. Don’t pitch them, just connect. Let them get to know, like and trust you as the person with the solution. Only then can you help educate them on what you have to offer.

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