Facebook Retargeting Marketing

Facebook has many powerful ways for you to optimize your advertising. You may already be familiar with Facebook targeting. With this method, you are targeting specific groups of people with your ads that are generally used to increase awareness and exposure of your brand.

With Facebook retargeting marketing, you can focus on those users who already know and like your brand. It’s slightly different than targeting and very effective because you have a higher probably of conversions.

Facebook Retargeting Marketing

You may have found in the past that “targeted” Facebook ads are generating more likes for your business Page or getting more people to your website. Now you can market to those existing leads or customers through Facebook retargeting.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive or had little success with Facebook ads, I highly recommend that you look at Facebook retargeting.

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Four Ways to Create Facebook Retargeting Audiences

In this blog post, I review four ways for you to create effective Facebook retargeting ads. Facebook’s help page does a great job of explaining the step-by-step how to get it done.

My focus here is to help you understand why you should create Facebook retargeting ads and how they can increase your ROI.

Website visitors

Website visitor retargeting is one of my favorite methods for Facebook ads. Many people are visiting your website but not all of them are opting into your email list. With that in mind, you have no idea who these users are.
With Facebook retargeting for website visitors, you can target Facebook ads to those people who have already visited your website or a particular page on your website.

Email list

Have you been creating an email list of subscribers? If not, get cracking! For those that already have an email list, you can have your Facebook ads shown to your existing email subscribers. You’ll need to make sure that you obtained your subscribers legally (of course).
This is a powerful Facebook retargeting method. Not everyone opens their emails so your emails may or may not be getting results. Now you can get another chance to advertise to these subscribers through Facebook ads.

Lookalike audiences

Talk about the power of Facebook! With billions of users, there are thousands and thousands of people that may be similar to your other retargeted audiences. And guess what? Facebook will find those people for you.
For example, I created a new Facebook retargeted website audience recently which accumulated to over 2,000 users. I then created a lookalike audience which has over 2 million users that have similar characteristics to my original website audience. With so many things in common, your lookalike audience is more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook fans

If you already have a Facebook business page, you can create a Facebook ad that targets only your existing fan base. These people are already familiar with your brand. What a great audience!

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