Is Your Facebook Advertising Strategy Getting Results?

With over a billion people on Facebook, you can reach more people than ever before. If you are using a Facebook advertising strategy to find new people, that’s a great idea. Just make sure that you are getting worthwhile results.

Is Your Facebook Advertising Strategy Getting Results?

Without a Facebook advertising strategy, you may be throwing away money. With the ability to reach people anywhere in the world within a short timeframe, make sure that you know exactly what results you want from it and choose your ads accordingly.

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I’ve seen people rush into their Facebook advertising without a real plan or strategy. Heck, I’ve done it myself!

Taking the time to understand your objective is the most important part of your planning. Having a objective for your Facebook ads means understanding what exactly you want people to do. Right? Your ad is going to have a call to action for something.

Your mission is to understand what your call to action is before you ever think about putting your Facebook advertising together.

Facebook Advertising Strategy and Objectives

The reason you need to start with your objective is so you can create an ad that supports your objective. For example, if you want to encourage people to like your Facebook page, that ad will be very different than if you want people to make a purchase.

Think carefully about what you want before shelling out a lot of money for Facebook advertising to get the most bang for your buck.

Type of Facebook Advertising

  • Clicks to Website: Send people to your website. Your objection here is to get people to click a call to action button to visit your webpage outside of Facebook. Make sure the webpage is not spammy or Facebook may not approve your ad.
  • Website Conversions: Increase conversions on your website. You’ll need a conversion pixel for your website before you can create this ad. You will know how well your ad is performing across a few variables. Facebook will optimize your ad too!
  • Page Post Engagement: Boost your posts. Your main objective here is to get more likes, comments, and shares on a specific post on your Facebook page.
  • Page Likes: Promote your Page and get Page likes to connect with more of the people who matter to you. This is an important one. Once you build up the likes on your fan page, you can easily target your fans with your content. Your fans will already know, like and trust you. This is the perfect Facebook advertising strategy when you are building your brand.
  • App Installs: Get installs of your app. These type of Facebook advertisements are specifically for those that have an app.
  • App Engagement: Increase engagement in your app.
  • Offer Claims: Create offers for people to redeem in your store.
  • Local Awareness: Reach people near your business. If you have a brick and mortar business, this is a great Facebook advertisement for your business. It’s perfect if you have a local event.
  • Event Responses: Raise attendance at your event.
  • Video Views: Create ads that get more people to view a video. You can create videos on Facebook with the objective of getting people to like and comment on your video. Videos are great because you can provide value and people can get to know, like and trust you!

Creating the right ad for your objective is the way to get the results you want.

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