How to Use Embedded Google Plus Posts on Your Web Site

google embedded post

google embedded post

The Google Plus social network just got better with the addition of the Google Plus Embedded post feature.

If you have a website, you can now share your Google + content directly in any blog post. This serves to reuse content originally posted on Google Plus and also brings it beyond the boundaries of your G+ network.

How to Embed a Google Plus Post

Embedding a Google + post in your website is easy to do. An advantage is that people can comment +1 and follow you from the Google post from your website.

Why Use G+ Embedded Posts Feature?

So now the Google has this fabulous embedded post feature, why should we use it? There are many reasons and Stephan Hovnanian did a great job of collecting smart uses for Google Plus embedded posts.

What Type of Google Plus Posts are Supported?

  • Posts with text
  • Posts with images – The post will appear with the image on your webpage. If a user clicks the image, they will go to the Google Plus image view.
  • Posts with videos – The post will appear with the video on your webpage. If a user clicks the video, it will play within the embedded post.
  • Posts with links to a community – If a user clicks the post, they will view the community just as they would in the Google Plus stream.

The following Google + post types are not supported for embedding:

  • Posts from within a community
  • Posts that are restricted to a Google Apps domain
  • Private posts
  • Events posts
  • Hangout on Air posts

I included 2 embedded Google+ posts within this article so you can experience the interaction from a web page.

What are your thoughts about Google Plus Embedded posts? Do you plan to use it? Leave a comment.


  1. Thanks for including my embedded post, Lisa! To truly close the loop, you should add a comment to it with the link back here. Good writeup on the ins and outs of this as well; I’m sure as this feature becomes developed over time, we’ll have more options!

    • Lisa J says:

      Hi Stephan! You are welcome, thanks for stopping by! I love this new feature and appreciate your G+ post – it’s packed with great info!

      Good suggestion!


  2. Dragan Palla says:

    Very useful post Lisa!
    I haven’t used embedded G+ posts yet, but what I can see first hand it could give some positive kick back to my blogging.

    Thanks Lisa for sharing this post and have a great rest of the weekend.

    Dragan Palla recently posted…7 Ways Freelance Writers Can Use Social Media to Attract ClientsMy Profile

  3. juthi says:

    Its really helpful for us.All content are important for all internet user.I am so happy for that if you learn more see it

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