How to Create Marketing Content

Create Marketing ContentIf you want to make money online, learning to create marketing content is a must not an option. Content creation may seem overwhelming at first. You may also get very little return for a lot of work on the front end.

When done correctly, marketing content is your key to making money online. Think about this – when you create content on the Internet, it is an asset that works for you 24/7.

You create marketing content one time and it can potentially get thousands of new prospects and leads to your offer.

Creating content can take on many forms. For example:

The list goes on. All of these are examples of media used for creating content.

Whichever of these mediums you plan to use, there is a proven formula to follow for the messaging to make it appealing to your visitors.

Create Marketing Content that Sells

From social marketing to email marketing content, pitching products and opportunities has the lowest rate of conversion and therefore success.

Instead, follow these tips to create marketing content that will help your prospects and leads love what you have to offer.

Tips on how to create content:

  1. Appeal to emotion. Instead of talking about a products and all the great benefits, get your visitors thinking about how your product can help them. Position your product in such a way that your visitors see it as a solution to their problem, whether that is weight loss, productivity, increases profits and so on. For example, if you have a weight loss products, create content that focuses on the what every overweight person might be feeling and then ask those questions that can get your prospects thinking about your product as a way to resolve that. When you make your message more about those feelings instead of the product, prospects will start thinking about it with deeper emotion.
  2. What does a person need? Content creation is all about providing value. When you create value driving content, you are also building your own credibility and brand. You can take what you know and turn it in tutorials, how-to’s, inspirational, book reviews, product reviews and more. Here’s a hint on how you can produce all this great content. Always take notes of everything you learn from books, webinars, conference calls, and seminar and then write about it. Better yet, implement what you learn and then write about how you solved your own problem through this guidance.
  3. Repurposing content. You will save lots of time with this content marketing tip. Creating content is time consuming, do you agree? To get the most out of your hard work, just repurpose it. If you created a great blog post, then turn that content into a video or podcast. You’ll reach many more people when you repurpose content through different mediums because everyone likes to receive information in different ways. Learn more about repurposing content.

Creating marketing content is a crucial element to your success as an online marketing. What are your biggest challenges in this area and what will you do different this year?

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  1. Hey Lisa,Great article!
    Providing solutions is the key to making any sale. Appealing to the “emotional side” is paramount. Making them identify with their problem and getting them to say to themselves: Yeah, that’s exactly how I FEEL when I read your copy is what will make the sale.

    I’ve been working on a new sales letter and came across an excellent piece of content – 12 steps to a foolproof sales letter your readers may be interested in. A simple google search will find it.
    Thanks for always putting out such great content!
    Richard Petrillo recently posted…Network Marketing Online – How To Get Started!My Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Richard!
      You said it! Look forward to reading your new sales letter and thanks for the resource.

      Take care and let’s talk soon.

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