College Debt Crisis

College Debt CrisisWith no jobs, the college debt crisis is reaching enormous proportions. After spending thousands of dollars getting an education, graduates are succumbing to the bad economy.

Left with massive debt and unable to find work, college graduates are moving home just trying to survive.

According to the Associated Press, one in two new college graduates are jobless or underemployed. Not good! No wonder there is a college debt crisis there are more college grads than available jobs.

In a 2012 article from the New York Times, “job prospects were at their lowest for bachelor’s degree-holders last year.

This is especially worrisome for those students with only a six-month grace period to begin repaying student loans, many of whom are turning to mom and dad for financial help.”

ABC News recently reported on this growing problem in The College Trap:

College Debt Crisis – Is Network Marketing a Solution?

Instead of going down into a negative spiral due to debt, look forward and move in a positive direction. We can sit and talk about your college debt crisis and feel bad about it, or talk about your options to solve your problems!

Open your eyes to the network marketing profession. That’s right. It’s a profession where you can build your life by design instead of surrendering to a down economy.

Would you rather take control of your financial future or continue to settle for less?

Maybe you are still looking for a job and holding onto hope that one will appear. The truth is that most employment websites that you submit a resume to have up to a 6 percent rate of success in getting employed. Those are not very good odds, are they?

Even if you insist on continuing to search for a job in your chosen field, network marketing is something you can do part time. With the lack of available jobs, I am sure you can use an income stream.

Network marketing is a real business model with real products and real people. Your life can change dramatically. Stop feeling stuck and do something about it.

The best way to handle the current college debt crisis is to do something about it.

Time after time, I’ve met college graduates who started a network marketing business and became extremely successful. If you like benefits, there are plenty when it comes to MLM.

What will you settle for in your life? If you are ready to stop contributing to the college debt crisis, click here to learn a better way.


  1. Wow Lisa, talk about tragic! Catastrophic is more like it!
    I can’t believe the numbers being thrown around in the video. 85% of the grads said they would be moving back home. Almost 6 million young adults age 25 to 34 now live at home. That blows my mind. Something for us parents to look forward to, huh?

    I love the question you pose, is Network Marketing a solution? In my mind, it’s the best solution. I realize its not for everyone, but… There are so many opportunities out there in the industry. College students could be doing something in the direct sales field that could help pay their way through college.

    Most of them live their life on the computer and social networks anyway, why not put that time and energy into something worthwhile? I know a few kids that were making 6 figures a year before they even graduated school. This certainly is a viable solution to the college debt crisis!
    Great work as always!

    PS: Not only was this a great article, it was brilliant how you brought the two together!
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    • Lisa says:

      It’s crazy, Richard! When I heard those numbers, I was in disbelief.

      Network marketing is a nice option for students. Most already have a large network of friends both on and offline. What could be better in MLM? It’s a natural!

      Thank you again for your kind words!
      Best, Lisa

  2. Lydia Brown says:

    My college debt is one of the strongest “why” on my list after family. I had no intention of spending my whole life worrying about paying it off. I knew my home business was the answer and not a job. It is also a debt that I did not want something to happend to me and I would leave this world without paying back. I believe the money should be put back so others can have access and also to show appreciation for the help. If I had known better I would not have used this method and took it slow paying as I went along.
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    • Lisa says:

      Hi Lydia!
      Thanks for your comment! You brought up a great point here about the money being put back. Love that you have a strong “why” too. So many people miss that part when starting a home business.
      Wishing you much continued success!

  3. Dear Lisa
    I liked what you said about According to the Associated Press, one in two new college graduates are jobless or underemployed
    Follow this kind of items because they are very good, congratulations.
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