Zig Ziglar Epic Lessons you need for Successful Selling

If you are in MLM, the key to your success is selling. In fact, no matter what industry you are in, learning had to be a salesperson is the key to your success. Zig Ziglar was a master at the art of selling. He had integrity in sales and taught us that when we focus [...]

How Important is Personal Growth and Development in MLM?

We all hear the personal growth and development is a key factor to success in network marketing. But, is it really? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on personal development but you are still not having the success you desire in MLM? Then you are likely spending way too much time on [...]

3 Tips to Overcome Negative Influences in Your Life

Are the people you associate with in life helping you progress or are they holding you back? One of the biggest fears I hear from people is about the negative influences in life. What if you want to start a network marketing business to make extra money and the people in your life continuously tell [...]

6 Ways to Improve Personal Development for Success

Do you associate entrepreneurial success with personal development? You may be surprised to learn they go hand-in-hand. As an entrepreneur, we must continuously learn in order to grow personally. Have you ever heard that in order to improve your net worth, you must improve your personal worth? Self-improvement is the foundation shared by every successful [...]

3 Things You Should Know About Personal Branding

Creating a personal brand in network marketing is critical to your business success. But where do you start? You start by first understanding what a personal brand is and how it correlates to your business success or failure. If you own your business, you are the CEO and therefore you are the brand. It’s not [...]

How to Improve Your MLM Likeability Factor for Success

Do people like you? Your likeability factor in your MLM business contributes to the success of your business. What if people don’t like you? What would happen to your business? It’s a weird question, right? But it’s a question that we should all ask at some point, especially with regard to your MLM home business. [...]

Want To Improve Your MLM Leadership Development? You Need To Read This First

Effective leadership skills are often mistaken for management abilities: handing out tasks to your team, managing people and projects, following up on their schedules, requiring status reports, you name it. Management is “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.” That’s not what effective leadership skills are about to grow your MLM business. [...]

MLM Goal Setting for Massive Success

MLM goal setting is a must to experience success in your business. Of course you need to take action based on those goals. To achieve success, you must turn your dreams into reality. That is what goal setting will do for you. Goals are the bridge between you right now, and where you want to [...]

Making a New Year Resolution and Keeping It

Have you ever made a New Year resolution only to break it soon after? You may feel super motivated about your goal right now and focused on staying the course. The bad news is that most New Year’s resolutions are kicked to the curb within a short time and then life continues as always. That [...]

Can you Create the Entrepreneur Mindset for Success?

Shifting into the entrepreneur mindset is easier said than done. There are many characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that you can work on developing for yourself. The Entrepreneur mindset does not come naturally to most people. This is especially true if you have been an employee most of your working life. Although it takes hard work, [...]