How to Use Twitter For MLM Sponsoring

Are you curious about how to use Twitter for MLM sponsoring? With a huge active user base of over 319 Million, surely you can get your business in front of your target audience. I know what you are thinking: who has time for yet another social media platform? What if you could use twitter for [...]

Twitter Follower Tools

In the old days, Twitter follower tools were automated. You could set it and forget it. Those days are gone and automatic Twitter follower tools are a thing of the past. Twitter shut-down the auto-follow feature a couple of years ago to the disappointment of those who used it. Don’t fret. You can still use Twitter follower [...]

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Are you still using outdated Twitter marketing strategies and lacking real results? Today I have some Twitter marketing ideas that go beyond hashtags and talking to your followers. Learning how to use Twitter as a marketing tool for any business is a smart strategy. Whether you need more followers on Twitter or want to get [...]

How to Use Twitter Marketing for Lead Generation

Using Twitter for lead generation is a powerful way to get more leads for your MLM business. At the heart of your Twitter marketing strategy, is gaining an audience of targeted followers. Even if you have a smaller number of followers, you can gain business momentum if they are targeted. For example, a large following [...]

Best Twitter Tools

Looking for the best Twitter tools? There is no clear answer as to which is the best Twitter tool available since there are hundreds out there! I researched and tried many to compile a list for you. There is a lot of junk out there but I found some that can really help you with [...]

How to Use Twitter for Business | Don’t Be a Tweeting Fool

Learn how to use Twitter for business before you jump all in. It doesn’t take long to understand the basics and you’ll reap the rewards of your time investment. The fact that you are here shows that you are a leader who wants more out of life and is willing to learn. I get so [...]