Are You Fearful of Network Marketing?

That is a crazy question but I ask it because so many people are fearful of network marketing. This fear happens on both sides of the equation. If you are the person in an MLM business, you are afraid to talk to your friends or family about your products. If you are the friends or [...]

Google Social Networking

Google social networking is fast becoming a favorite site. Even so, many people are confused about how to use the Google social networking site effectively. With new features being added all the time, the depth and breadth of Google Plus is chock full of ways for you market yourself. Even if you feel left out, [...]

Using Google Plus Circles Effectively

Are you confused about using Google Plus Circles effectively? According to the Global Web Index report, in Quarter 4 of 2012 Google Plus already had 343 million active users! As the number 2 social network, it’s time you jump onboard and add Google Plus part of your social media strategy. Engaging in relevant conversations are [...]

Choose the Right Business Networking Group

If you are in networking marketing or any self-employed business, you need to meet people! Be sure to choose the right business networking group. You can find these on or in your local newspapers. Even though finding people online via attraction marketing is awesome, don’t just limit yourself to that! Get out in the [...]