Blogging Tips – How to Start a Successful Blog

Blogging Tips - Success

Blogging Tips – Success

Do you want to know how to start a successful blog? I get lots of questions about it so I want to share my best blogging tips with you.

Before I even start, you need to know that blogging is not an overnight way to make money online. When you see others who make money blogging, I can tell you that they have done this for a long time to get where they are.

My blogging tips are based on my own experiences over the years.

Yes, I do earn money from blogging but it’s not for everyone. Before you even start, find out if it’s for you. You will save yourself lots of time and frustration.

I’ve built many successful blogs over the years and now I get to work from home. Freedom was calling and I answered that call. It took time and a lot of patience. Be honest with yourself as to what you are and are not willing to do on a daily basis.

When you commit to start a successful blog, the rewards can be amazing!

Blogging Tips to Make Money Online

Before I even share these blogging tips with you, I will tell you about the darker side of Internet marketing. The majority of bloggers fail with their first year.

Why is this? There are a number of reasons but the biggest one is people get frustrated and just quit. Or, they want to do it their way instead of learning how to start a successful blog.

Do not let that be you! Anyone can do this if they really want to! You can be that successful blogger.

Commitment to blogging

Here’s my first piece of blog advice. When you start a successful blog, you must be fully committed to doing what it takes to succeed. This means writing and publishing content daily for the first 90 days and then at least 3 to 6 times a week thereafter. Out of all my blogging tips, this is the most important one. If you give up after writing 10 blog posts because you don’t see traffic or money coming in, this is not for you. You must be committed to blogging no matter what! It takes time. But guess what? Time will pass whether you blog or not! You may as well get cracking on writing that content.

Focus on learning

As technology and the Internet get more sophisticated, it’s our job to continue learning about Internet marketing. Top bloggers keep up to date on everything from search engine optimization, social media promotion, keyword research and anything else that will help them with a successful blog. I used to fumble around on Google searching for all the new information but I just a top Internet marketing system that provides me with continually updated training. It’s a one-stop shop. Click here to learn more.

What will you blog about?

You need to focus in on a topic that you are passionate about. It should also appeal to users on the Internet. Who do you want to attract to your content? This is a key blogging tip as it will determine how you monetize as well.

Do not use free blogging sites

Seriously. There are lots of free blog services like, Blogspot, Tumblr and others. This is one of your most important tips for starting a blog. Do not use these or I guarantee you will not have success. When you go free, you do not own it, the provider does! They can flag your content, delete it, take your site down on a moment’s notice. Not only that, your blog would be one of millions on the same domain. Brand you. Make the investment and get your own hosted Wordress website.

Get a domain name and host

Once you decide what you will blog about, get your own domain name or URL. You can use GoDaddy to find one but don’t fall for their upselling when you check out in the shopping cart. GoDaddy also provides webhosting for WordPress at reasonable prices. They have excellent customer support to guide you through everything. Click here for more information.

Learn about Internet marketing

I get messages from so many people who are struggling to figure out what to do to make money online blogging. Hours of time just lost in Internet space. Get a marketing system like I use. Even if you follow all the best blogging tips, keeping up with training and learning to get leads is key. CLICK HERE to take your 10-day trial membership.

These are just a few blogging tips to get you thinking in the right direction. The rewards of blogging are long-term. With time, patience, and commitment, you can have a successful blog that makes you money.

Click here for your Internet marketing blueprint and successful blogging tips.

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  1. Alpha King says:

    Awesome work Lisa. Very insightful!
    Alpha King recently posted…Mine your own lifeMy Profile

  2. Hi Lisa

    I have been blogging for two years now in my chosen field: health and wellness. I am still in the stage of building my traffic as well as subscribers :) I agree with you that it takes patience and since time shall pass anyway, might as well do something along the way.
    Mulyadi Kurnia recently posted…E-BOOK: FIVE TIPS TO BE A HAPPIER YOUMy Profile

  3. William says:

    I would say one of the biggest things in the beginning is to stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t take on to many projects at first. Put your efforts into one website and focus hard on content. Don’t buy tool after tool until you get your content writing skills up to par. Training programs are great if you start with one and put what you learned into action.
    William recently posted…Blogging Benefits of Google PlusMy Profile

  4. Al Green says:


    Great points. We spoke about this the other day on the phone and consistency and not quitting just keep coming up everywhere. I’m locked in and have a team at my main site to help split the work so we will be in it for the long term.

    My question for you is a little more advanced than the basics. Is great content enough to sell/recruit for a business? I try to place excellent honest content on my posts and I have a page with products and the opportunity. Is that enough? Or do I absolutely need to build a list and set up an autoresponder right now? Or is there something else completely?

    I’d appreciate your insight, but I have a feeling the response may have to be a blog post of its own. :)
    Al Green recently posted…Cleanse Fx ReviewMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Hi Al! Great questions. To answer simply, yes you need to build a list. If someone reads your blog post but does not need your products or oppty, you still want to capture their information :)

  5. Al Green says:

    I see you have Aweber in your tools section. They are a few bucks more expensive than GetResponse. You feel they are worth it?
    Al Green recently posted…Energy Fx ReviewMy Profile

  6. We all start as a beginner and tips like this are quite useful that can give us an idea on how to deal with things. We do blogging not only to kill time and for fun but at the same time, it would be best if we can earn money from it.
    Nicholas Rulith recently posted…By: SeanMy Profile

  7. Corina Ramos says:

    Great tips Lisa!

    We have to stay fully committed to our blogs keeping it up with fresh and original content.

    Continued learning in our fields is also important and there’s always something new to learn in the blogging community. :)

    Thanks for sharing this great advice. Have a great day!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 062413My Profile

  8. Shobelyn says:

    Thank you for this. I really have to commit in my blogging. Right now, I am blogging 3 times a week for three months now. I love doing it. I have a lot of drafted posts that are waiting to be published. Articles like this encourages me to keep at it.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Great tips for starting a successful blog and certainly important ones to have. I personally started out using free platforms and never realized that I didn’t even own the content I was creating, so I hope more newbie bloggers find this post. Thanks for your insight.

    Torri Thompson

  10. Chuck Holmes says:

    Some other great tips include having a written business plan, making a three to five year commitment (minimum) and thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur and internet marketer (not a blogger).

    Great post by the way. I love your blog.


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