Blogging as a Marketing Tool

In this article I’m going to show you why blogging as a marketing tool really works to build a business, so you can use it effectively as a marketing tool.

When blogs first came on the scene, they were mostly used to document a personal lifestyle.

All that has changed!

using Blogging as a Marketing ToolBlogging and marketing go together quite well to help you build your business.

Since 2009, I have grown my business to over 10,000 customers with new paying customers being added each and every day.

Using blogging as a marketing tool was the strategy that helped make that happen.

Some people laughed at me when I got started. I ignored them and just stayed focused on learning online marketing SEO and other strategies for marketing online.

Who is laughing now?

Accelerate Online Success by Using Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Your blog is an asset on the Internet. It works for you around the clock and knows no borders.

In many ways, using blogging as a marketing tool is a better business decision than putting too much focus on social media for marketing. That can be risky business! Read my recent post about it to find out why.

As a marketing tool, blogging is effective in helping you build authority online. If you consistently build your own branded blog and provide valuable, engaging content to your niche market, then you will have a powerful online asset!

Blogging as a Marketing Tool – How to Use it effectively

How do you become that successful blogger living the Internet lifestyle?

Blog MarketingHere’s a quick rundown of what it takes to use blogging as a marketing tool successfully:

Provide great content

Writing about this or that just won’t do. Seriously. Figure out the needs of your target marketing and write engaging content that is relevant to your audience.

Be Consistent.

Figure out a schedule that fits with your life and everything that is going on. All too often I talk to clients that tell me they plan to blog seven days a week. I always tell them to rethink it because usually after a week, they get overwhelmed. Pace yourself!

Learn SEO.

That’s right. Search engine optimization is your friend when it comes to using blogging as a marketing tool. Unless you are already the most popular person on the planet, your website needs to get found in search. You do that with SEO.

Promote your Blog Posts

While SEO is important to get found, promoting in social media plays an important role in blog marketing. That is because social signals are also considered for search engine rankings. Build this into your schedule.

That’s just a few important components to keep in mind if you want to succeed with your blog marketing strategy.

Using blogging as a marketing tool can be a fun and lucrative project! Learn to harness its power as a strategic tool and your online business will be well on its way to success!

If you are looking to build your business with blogging, I have a free training for you. In this video there are simple changes you make to your WordPress settings to optimize your blog for better search results. Just CLICK HERE, enter your email and I’ll give you access right away!

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  1. Maria Rybka says:

    Thank you Lisa! I am working on making me blog more impactful in the world to sort through all the misinformation about health and nutrition. Your suggestions about SEO and good commenting will help me to do that!
    Maria Rybka recently posted…Protein Myth BusterMy Profile

  2. Lynda Kenny says:

    I so agree with your post today Lisa. I absolutely love blogging and see the real value in it as a marketing tool.
    We own our blogs and not social media, which gives us the freedom to write and say what we want. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynda Kenny recently posted…Are You Accepting Your Own Excuses?My Profile

  3. Ron Deering says:

    You are totally correct…. blogging is a great marketing tool and once you get things going it can become addicting…. it has for me…. great post Lisa… thanks for always sharing such great value…
    Ron Deering recently posted…Why Do Cold Market Prospecting? FREE Webinar!My Profile

  4. Adam says:

    Great post, Lisa! Blogging is so powerful and as you mentioned, you don’t need to do it 7 days a week…just find what works for you and your audience. Thanks for sharing!
    Adam recently posted…What You Really Need To Start A BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I 100% agree with you on all of the benefits of why blogging is so important to helping you build your business!! Awesome tips :) Staying consistent is key!! Thanks for sharing your awesome value!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…The Secrets To Writing A Blog Post That ConvertsMy Profile

  6. Sheena says:

    blogging truly helps as a marketing tool. thanks
    Sheena recently posted…25: How to Take Control of Your Life With Vanessa HinesMy Profile

  7. Elvia Bravo says:

    Lisa, thank you for your post. I am in complete agreement with you that utilizing your blog as a marketing tool will build your own branded empire. It’s a must to provide valuable and engaging content to your niche market, and the best part is its a piece of real estate that you own.
    Elvia Bravo recently posted…Are You Anxious?My Profile

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Loved you post, “Blogging As A Marketing Tool”. It is so appropriate. I wasn’t around when blogging was a personal tool.(LOL)

    Blogging and marketing do go hand in hand. I can’t imagine one without the other. Writing great content is something that we work on diligently. We must promote, promote and promote. The 80% promote and 20% working on our blog, takes time, patience and consistency. We must learn SEO and how to use the proper keywords.

    I am working on my target audience and to take one person, who has one problem and come up with one solution to that problem. I learned that from a coach and I am working on it myself.

    Thank you for sharing, Lisa and you have a wonderful night and weekend ahead!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Top 10 Content Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Linda!
      Blog content marketing is a process and those who follow the process can certainly reap the rewards!
      Glad you are working on your target audience. Speaking to that one person makes all the difference.

      Have an amazing week.

  9. You are absolutely right … blogging is an excellent marketing device and as soon as you get things going it can end up being addictive … it has for me … terrific post Lisa … thanks for constantly sharing such terrific value …
    Bubbie Gunter recently posted…Can You REALLY Make Money Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

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