Using Blog Syndication to Drive Traffic

Blog Syndication

Blog Syndication

Are you wondering how to increase traffic to your blog?

You can easily use blog syndication to get lots of exposure to your website. It’s another powerful Internet marketing tool you can add to your toolbox!

Boosting your website traffic and exposure is a key blog syndication benefit. You’ll also get your brand recognized and develop a following from others who get to know you.

Really, the benefits are too good for you to ignore it! Do you want more of these?

  • Increased number of subscribers
  • More sales and income
  • Recognized brand
  • Higher search engine ranking.

Syndication through social media can make all the difference in your success as an Internet marketer.

Blog Syndication using Social Media

Think of your blog as a central hub where you get your valuable information out to the world. When you do online content syndication, all the links point back to your blog so make it good!

Here are 2 tips to learn how to syndicate your blog to boost exposure:

  • Syndicate your own content. When you publish a blog post, make a point to post the message out to a few social networks. If you use a social media management tool like Hootsuite, you can do your own free blog syndication all at one time for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace (yep, it’s still alive and kicking), and Mixi. Don’t forget Pinterest! You’ll have to do that one manually for now.
  • Use a syndication service. Tooting your own horn may get old after a while, so consider using a blog syndication service like TribePro. Once you set it up, it’s automated and can save you lots of time. Your blog post can be shared across multiple social media networks all on auto-pilot by other online marketers. I personally use TribePro and highly recommend it!

Don’t miss out on the enormous benefits of blog syndication through social media networks. Content syndication plus organic search engine results in a powerful combination to bring you more success than you ever dreamed of!

Click here to learn how to leverage your time with blog syndication with  TribePro.

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  1. Al Green says:

    Are you still using TribePro? I was going to give it a few weeks back, but went with SocialMonkee instead. I was under the impression they were pretty similar.

    Socialmonkee basically provides a bunch of bookmarks. They have a sharing platform too, but it’s not very built up and costs extra so I haven’t gotten involved with that yet.

    Tribepro shares on social media platforms like G+ ??
    Al Green recently posted…5 Simple Steps To Lose 10 Pounds In A MonthMy Profile

  2. Al Green says:

    Well, I’m a go getter so I just enrolled. Was going to go for the basic membership, but they offered $10 to try the midlevel for a month and I snagged it.

    Nothing’s stopping this guy. For ten bucks I figured what the heck.
    Al Green recently posted…An Honest, No Hype Shakeology ReviewMy Profile

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