Best MLM Leads

Best MLM LeadsAre you struggling to find the best MLM leads? There are numerous ways to get leads for your MLM business and in this post, I will share some tips that you can use now.

We are usually taught to talk to anyone and everyone about our MLM business. Am I right? You don’t know if those people are in the right mindset to even be interested in an opportunity!

I know we shouldn’t prejudge when looking for the best MLM leads, but what if you could narrow your search in a way that helps you target the ideal people for your business?

Maybe you a buying leads for your network marketing business or calling all your friends. There is nothing wrong with those methods of finding MLM leads. But, if you are open to learning another way, read on.

How to Target the Best MLM Leads for Your Business

When I was buying from MLM leads for sale, I had very little success. Although I was able to talk to lots of people, these were not the best MLM leads in terms of quality. I ended up talking to lots of people who were looking for employment from home which is very different from starting a home business. Others had no idea why I was calling because they forgot they even submitted their information!

So the best MLM leads are those you find on your own!

When looking for network marketing leads, be sure to qualify who you talk to. One of the best places to find leads for network marketing is in social media like Facebook or Google Plus. There are 1.4 Billion people on Facebook! Is that enough free network marketing leads for you to reach out to?

There are four personalities that I want to show you when you look for the best MLM leads for your home business. In order to find leads, you can join different Facebook pages or group, as well as Google Plus communities. Look at what people are commenting on.

If you qualify the people you talk to, you will have a higher recruiting rate.

Here are the four types of personalities that you may recognize:

  • Low maintenance, low value: don’t complain a lot or cause a fuss. They don’t recruit a lot and don’t bring much value to your business.
  • High maintenance, low value: this is the worst group to recruit into your business. These are people that complain a lot about everything and are very negative. You can tell from their posts and comments what type of person they are.
  • High maintenance, high value: these people are very needy and need lots of attention! However they do bring value to your business.
  • Low maintenance, high value: here is the group of best MLM leads for your business. They don’t complain a lot, stay positive and motivated, get things done and start recruiting.

If you truly read the comments from people in various Facebook posts, you will soon be able to identify which personality type and then start building relationships with those who you feel will be the best MLM leads to talk to.

Finding the best MLM leads is not so hard once you understand how. CLICK HERE to learn more in this value training video.

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  1. Al Green says:

    Another great post Lisa!

    I never thought to break people up into personality types. Not prior to trying to recruit them anyway. I have done some personality testing once someone was on my team so I could learn how to better lead them.

    It’d be so much easier to have that done prior to the fact though. I’m sure I’d have a much better shot at recruiting someone when I’m talking their language too.
    Al Green recently posted…5 Simple Steps To Lose 10 Pounds In A MonthMy Profile

  2. Roger Drego says:

    Hey Lisa,

    You presented such nice post. There are many ways to generate good MLM leads but you shared some useful and fantastically informative tips. Leading MLM companies provide methods for making money through online to ensure progress levels within a short period of time by addressing exact needs.

  3. Rob Fore says:

    Powerful share, Lisa.

    Understanding personality types and how each communicate a bit differently has been one of the biggest “breakthroughs” we’ve had in growing our businesses online. I also like to listen to the predicates (verbs) they use when writing or talking and then switch my language to match theirs.

    For example, they might say something like – “Yeah, okay. That is becoming more CLEAR to me now.” Which gives me a clue they might be more of a visual person… so I’ll talk saying things like “take a look at this” – “does your future seem brighter now?”

    Fun stuff…
    Rob Fore recently posted…How To Generate Leads OnlineMy Profile

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