Attraction Marketing: The Secret to Unlimited MLM Leads

Attraction marketing strategies helped me build a business online. It’s not about chasing after people and getting them to listen to what you have to say about your products.

Get Unlimited MLM Leads though Attraction MarketingYou can get unlimited MLM leads by having people chase you instead. That is what Attraction marketing is all about.

I know that your sponsor told you to make a list of friends, family, and acquaintances, right? Then you are to either invite them somewhere or call them on the phone. You probably even have a script for what to say.

There is nothing wrong with traditional network marketing methods and you should still do them.

BUT… Attraction marketing is much more powerful. Let me explain.

When I first started my business in 2009, I was working full time and doing volunteer work as well as other activities. I didn’t have a lot of time to actually go meet with people. So I decided to market online through blogging and video.

Here’s what happened.

People came to me. They were looking for information online and found me.

Over 10,000 customers later, my business is still going strong thanks to attraction marketing.

Can You Really Get Unlimited MLM Leads though Attraction Marketing?

I have actually used attraction marketing for years and it really works. This marketing method is all about putting others first.

What are the problems that challenge your audience? Solve those problems by providing value-driven content. Build a relationship through email, social media and phone contact.

Keep in mind that the reason you can get unlimited MLM leads through attraction marketing is because people are coming to you. They already have an interest in your product, service or opportunity.

Here’s another fact about using attraction marketing online. You can put yourself and your offer in front of an unlimited number of people.

I have thousands of people read my blog or watch my videos. Why? They were searching for the information that I provided.

You can do this too!

Top Earners Use Attraction Marketing too!

What do all top earners have in common? They embrace attraction marketing.

Have you dreamed of being a top earner in your company? You should implement this marketing method in your business as well.

By implementing an online marketing strategy, you can use the concept of attraction marketing to get in front of unlimited MLM leads.

Whether you use blog content marketing, video marketing, social media, capture pages and so on, these are assets that work for you 24/7. These assets also give your audience a chance to know, like and trust you before they ever contact you.

Think about how your network marketing business will change if you were using attraction marketing so the interested people can find you!

Stop struggling. Follow the same attraction marketing steps that the top earners use to get unlimited MLM leads. CLICK here to watch a movie that explains.

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  1. Dustin Grant says:

    Attraction marketing is hands down the best way to market your product or service. All top earners are using attraction marketing.
    Dustin Grant recently posted…Effective Online Lead Generation TechniqueMy Profile

  2. Mike says:

    Awesome work Lisa! Really enjoyed the tips you shared on Attraction Marketing! True freedom is found in these tips! Thanks for your leadership!!!

  3. Ron Deering says:

    Today is the day for attraction marketing. The old days of pounding the pavements is behind us, not that it doesn’t work but it sure isn’t using your time and efforts very effective.

    I love attraction marketing and having a system that is complete with world class training and all the tools you need to market correctly… great post Lisa… thanks for sharing
    Ron Deering recently posted…3 Valuable Reasons to Direct Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

    • Lisa J says:

      Thanks Ron! When I think about all the time I used to spend hunting down people to talk to, it makes me cringe a little. I found attraction marketing to be much more effective and a better use of my time. It’s also a better use of other people’s time.

  4. Adam says:

    Great stuff! So true on attraction marketing being a better way. Closing rates also get so much higher when people are seeking you out versus the other way around. Thanks for sharing!
    Adam recently posted…An Unknown Weakness In Your BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Loved this post! Attraction marketing is definately the way to go :) Thanks for sharing your awesome tips and the benefits of why it works so well :)
    Joan Harrington recently posted…What You Need To Know About Permission MarketingMy Profile

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